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Monday Morning Mayhem

September 20, 2015

I realize that the title of this is Monday Morning Mayhem and today is in fact not Monday, but Sunday. But today on this glorious Sunday morning-or afternoon or evening depending-I’ve decided to try something a little different. In preparation for the dreadful day that is Monday, I have compiled a play list of individual songs as well as albums for you crazy people that will be sure to get you through Monday. So today I bring to you the first installment of Monday Morning Mayhem in hopes that it will bring you joy-or at least entertainment-today as well as that awful day called Monday.


a3052949861_16 The first offering is from Temple of Baal. Mysterium will be out October 2nd through Agonia Records. The song that I came across and the one that is available right now is titled Divine Scythe.  If this song is any indication of what the rest of the album will sound like, we should be in for a soul sucking treat. Divine Scythe displays the ability that Temple of Baal possesses to create not just a song, but create something that keeps you interested and keeps you thinking. Their style of black metal is anything lack luster or thought provoking. The song shifts from a sonic attack of poisonous riffs, nasty drums and flesh ripping vocals to a more melodic piece a little over half way through the song which paints a great deal of atmosphere even. As stated above, if “Divine Scythe” is any foreshadowing of what is left to come from this eight track album, then we’re really in for a treat as this song is great on so many different levels. The album is out October 2nd through Agonia Records.


a0856894526_16 The second offering for your Monday woes is a full album this time and it comes in the form of a band called The Omniscient Eye. The Omniscient Eye is a one man band that hails from Germany and Shadowland is the title of the album. Shadowland is a concept piece and provides six instrumental songs for your listening pleasures. The album is interesting and combines a lot of different elements into the music to create a unique sound. Shadowland creates wonderfully unique and mysterious soundscapes. Each song here is a story, the whole album is a story and accompanied by the songs are pictures you can download to help you better understand it. But as far as what is going on here on this album, it is unique. The Omniscient Eye combines raw death metal elements with some core elements as well which make up the breakdowns that are present here in Shadowland. You don’t have to worry about the breakdowns here though as they are tastefully placed and only used when needed. The majority of the album is exceptional guitar work, dizzying solos, machine gun drumming, and ambient sounds that paint stunning pictures for you. Each song transitions from a sonic brutal attack to something that seems as though it couldn’t even harm a flower. The album is packed with wonderment and great musicianship, definitely a great listen.


a2474639440_16 Let’s darken the day a little bit with something that will kick Monday hard enough in the teeth that it will no longer exist. Ritual Killer released Exterminance  just a couple of days ago, and if this doesn’t wake you the fuck up on a Monday I don’t know what will. Exterminance is filled with caustic riffs, throat shredding shrieks and that overall feeling of blackened hate. The album is eight songs long and provides you with everything you love and need in black metal. Ritual Killer unleash cold and devastatingly violent songs with this album. Just imagine yourself getting mugged in medieval times. You’re walking down the cobble stone road, and all of the sudden you are confronted by a behemoth of a man. He takes all of your gold, then lops your head off in one swing of his ax. Ritual Killer presents music that does much of the same, except with this music it robs you of your soul then decapitates you and laughs in your lifeless face. The album is as harsh as can be. The guitar work infects your mind killing you from the inside out while the drums puncture and lacerate you from the outside and the final blow and possibly the cause of death are the flesh shredding vocals. Exterminance is a kick in the ass, and never once does the album let up and let you come up for air. Instead it suffocates you under its poisonous fog of black metal.


a1483962799_16 Going from bleak and disparaging we transition to the grotesque and perverse. Disgruntled Antropophagi hail from Pittsburgh and Rampage of Misanthropic Purge is their debut full length that was released just this month off of Coyote RecordsDisgruntled Antropophagi lay down eleven guttural and devastating tracks on their debut. What you see happening to the guy on the front cover is essentially what you feel like after listening to this album. In the realm of brutal death and slam, brutality of course goes a long way, and Disgruntled Antropophagi supply it by the truck load. Seas of blood, body parts, entrails ooze from this album. Rampage of Misanthropic Purge does not skimp on the face smashing slams, the eviscerating gutturals, berserk drumming and just the overall attack on your ears. Disgruntled Antropophagi is a very destructive force, one that could explode someone’s head just upon one listen, Scanners style. If you like head exploding goodness, gore, blood, viscera, and overall mayhem, then this has got to be for you. The album is out now through Coyote Records.


That concludes this weeks Monday Morning Mayhem. I hope this play list provides you with enough force to destroy Monday once and for all. With everything provided here you should at least give Monday a nice kick to teeth. Enjoy the music, and another list will be available next week!

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