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Featured Interview: Mutilatred

September 22, 2015

Mutilatred comes out with their debut album on September 25th this year through Seeing Red Records. “Dissecting Your Future” and its review is here. Below is the interview conducted with these death metal fiends as they were kind enough to take time out of their day to answer some of my questions that I had for them.


Thank you guys for taking the time out of your day to do this interview with me.

Patrick: Yeah no problem.

So I just have a few questions for you guys. The first being, when you guys first formed Mutilatred what was the vision that you had for the band?

Patrick: Well, we had a lot of other bands in the past that didn’t work out because of member problems and whatever else that you can imagine, and there was always a lack of dedication from other people so we decided we really wanted to keep playing metal and that was our main focus and passion. So we made this band with the members of other bands, and all of the dedicated members from the other bands came together to make this band. So that and what we talk about in our lyrics is another big important part. 

Pat Meyers: I joined up with Patrick and Clay and they were like, “It’s a two piece” and I was just going to jam out with Clay and Pat, and I had a chance to hear Mutilatred and what they were doing and I really loved it. I kind of begged them to be a part of Muilatred haha. I said, “I’ve got a family and I can’t make everything, but if you guys let me be a part of it’d be really cool.” 

Patrick: Me and Clay-there’s three of us here right now-we started it. I do guitar and vocals and Clay plays drums. And only just a little bit into the band, like a couple of months we met up with Pat Meyers and we started playing together with him, so that’s it.

I always really like good band names, and Mutilatred is one of those. How did you end up deciding on that name?

Patrick: That was completely random.We already had the idea to make a band, we weren’t jamming just yet. We wanted to play death metal and I thought of  names that I wanted us to sound like. I thought of Mutilated, Mutilate and Hatred and I kind of combine those together. We wanted to think of something unique, not something like a sentence or something too weird. It kind of just fit perfectly. I thought of it and was like, “Yeah that’s it”. We went with the first idea, we didn’t think of names too much at all. 

When writing the songs for “Dissecting Your Future” was there a theme that you guys had in mind, or were you writing songs to be as heavy as you could be?

Patrick: No, there’s definitely a theme. We write a lot about corruption within, large scale corruption I guess you could say. And more specifically, problems with drugs, pharmaceutical companies and drugs in general, hard drugs, nothing normal. There are plenty of people that have had their lives ruined by pain killers, inhalants and drugs of that nature and it really pisses me off and pisses all of us off. Whenever I’m coming up with writing the lyrics and riffs, I’m thinking of that most of the time. So that’s where a lot of our content and our titles come from. We all collaborate together on song titles and riffs and all of that stuff.

Can you guys tell me a little bit about your song writing and recording process?

Patrick: How about Pat Meyers starting that off.

Pat Meyers: Well, Patrick and Clay have been together from quite some time and they often collaborate and they can meet a lot more often than I can. I have a family so I’m at home a lot and I go to school full time as well. Basically those two work on it the majority of the time. And when I can make it out, sometimes I contribute, and sometimes I just give it the two thumbs up. And I have a lap top, and a drum machine and I write a lot of shit at home. I mean I write a lot. It’s a disease. And what I usually do is write it and record it compress it down into an MP3, email it to everybody and depending on what everyone’s schedules look like, sometimes I just record myself playing it and put it in a Dropbox. And usually I’ll just show up and we’ll be like, “We want to learn this demo” and that’s how it works. And we also jam together all at the same time.

Patrick: It’s usually me and Clay writing together with our ideas and Pat writes at home, then we get together and we collaborate, and that’s when we put everything together. And for recording, we write so often, me and Clay will jam anywhere from four to five times a week, lately we’ve been trying to do that. We write a lot. We brought all of our own equipment for recording, and we record and send it out for mastering.

Pat Meyers: And we can set up our own timeline. When we were recording we recorded twenty-three or twenty-four tracks. We recorded our whole catalogue, and that way too we could pick through them and pick our favorites and say, “This is what we want”. It really gave us a lot of wiggle room to build and album or an EP and just have future recordings.

When recording, is there a certain criteria that you have to meet before you believe the album is ready to be put out?

Patrick: Yeah sure. We’re all pretty picky. When we work more together, we all get more specific on what we like and what we don’t like as much. I guess the only criteria is that we’re always satisfied with it and that it is to its most extreme that we can make it. We don’t want to cut any corners, or have anything watered down or boring. 

Pat Meyers: When we did the album, we did kind of pick a pace. We wanted it to start off quick at the beginning, then go into a mid tempo and then in the middle somewhere we have a lengthier song and at the end the last song is a like a nice bulldozer. It’s just a nice slow, crushing tune. Pat did a piano piece, and once we really started building it my question was, “When do we want to use this stuff and how do we want to use it?” Then it was just a matter of piecing it together. We spent a lot of timing putting it together even though we didn’t have to.

How did you guys end up getting in touch with Seeing Red Records? And was it a lengthy search to find a label that was willing to work with you to put this record out?

Patrick: It wasn’t lengthy, and it was random. And actually Thomas is here right now, he’s over on the phone. Long story short, we had a different band before this, and he found that online and he got a hold of us and we sent him the material. We told him we were taking this serious and we went from there. We weren’t looking, but we weren’t not looking at the same time. We actually had all of our stuff recorded so he hit us up at the perfect time. And we were looking for someone to press our CD and all of that, and he came on in and that’s how it all got started. And it works out perfect because of his main of helping metal thrive and we feel the same.

I just have three more questions for you guys. They’re standard questions that I like to ask. The first is: What are some of your most coveted band shirts?

Patrick: I’m wearing mine right now. It is my Morbid Angel shirt, and it doesn’t fit me anymore and it pisses me off.

Clay: I have a lot of Devourment shirts that all of my friends give me shit for because I have so many of them.

Pat Meyers: I was in another punk band Disconnected and we did some shows with a band called Cloud Rat and we did a collaborative shirt. I know it’s cheesy to wear my own band’s shirt, but I love Cloud Rat a lot. It’s such a cool shirt, it’s got a crazy monster on it. I have a young boy and every time I put it on he goes, “Zombie daddy”, and I say, “Hell yeah zombie!” 

When you guys were growing up, what were some of your favorite records?

Patrick: I really like The Bleeding from Cannibal Corpse. And Premonitions of War, that was one of my all time favorite. So them, Cannibal and Morbid Angel.

Pat Meyers: Honestly, I don’t listen to death metal a lot. I’m sorry man, I hope I’m not ruining your website or blog. I want to say Radiohead. I’ve always been into like experimental and theme driven albums, stuff like that. 

Just one last question for you guys. If you were album to work with one artist either alive or deceased, who would it be?

Patrick: Everyone that comes to mind would be really hard to work with because they were so difficult. I guess it would be Erik Rutan.

Pat Meyers: Honestly, I love Jimi Hendrix. When I started playing guitar I was really, really into Jimi Hendrix. So to even to be able to sit in a room with him would be incredible. Jimi Hendrix would just be incredible to talk to. I got a chance when Premonitions of War was recording we were with Rutan and I’ll tell you what, he is such a good dude, he’s got so much energy.

Thank you guys again very much for taking the time out of your day to do this interview and taking time to answer some questions for me. 

mutilatred_cover_RGB Mutilatred will be coming out with their debut album Dissecting Your Future through Seeing Red Records on September 25th, be sure to keep an eye out for it.

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