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Featured Interview: In League With Satan

September 23, 2015

Earlier this month I was able to review In League With Satan’s debut self titled album and that review is here. And earlier this month I sent some questions their way, and they were kind enough to answer. So, I have for you today a featured interview with In League With Satan.


In having such a unique sound, was it difficult to find a label to help you put your debut out?

Thanks for the nice word about our sounds. Our 1st release was a self production made by myself; at that time, for some personal reason, I’ve had the need to release a little piece of uncompromising black death metal. It’s too easy to disturb people not into extreme metal, I prefer to hit hard people into this subculture, in my opinion, to much mainstreamized.

With being an experimental black metal band, and with a couple of the songs from the record being relatively straight up black metal, how are you able to strike a balance making the songs a good mixture of black metal and experimental metal?

Well, that CD has been a sort a psychotic bursting. When I was in a precise mood, immediately I’m going to record the riffs and write lyrics, nothing was planned. Also to have learned to use the PC to record have permitted to go straight to the point. I’ve no problem to admit my influences and inspirations and sometimes I start to compose a song with the intentional aim to quote a band, but ,I suppose who the fact to have listened a lot of bands maybe have give me the input to go beyond these references.

How did the decision come about to be an experimental band instead of playing straight up and down black metal?

Absolutely no intentional decision. I play various instruments from a lot of time, I love to listen music every time is possible, and I try to put something of personal in every songs I wrote… I suppose it’s just the result of too many years of practice and rehearsing, the only intentional aim is to make intense songs. I can say who play black death metal is, for me, a real form of self expression.

Merdumgiriz put out some interesting releases to say the least. Were you always looking for someone with similar tastes to put the record out?

I’m interested in people connected not necessarily in their musical influences and listening but in the attitude towards the creative aspects of life, not just an hobby, but something of more deep. Playing extreme music is like to say a big “no” to the common life.

When creating this brand of music, were you looking for a specific sound?

Yes,but not just one. Depends also for the mood who I wanna express. I’m not interested to repeat the same formulas eternally, every style of music have his cliche­s but is also a work in progress. I see a musical style like a sort of entity with a sort of will and direction, and I must be submitted to him. Specifically about the ILWS debut that sound was the trying to shot, primarily, the usual listener of black death metal.

With sounding as unique as you do,and with black metal being a relatively stagnant genre, do you hope to breath some life into it with your particular style of black metal?

I think who Black Metal must be “re­founded”, or simply, to return to his roots, less commercial, less exposed to media and people. Black metal is too much vulgarized and sometimes people follow this style just for his aesthetic side . Too much posers in few words! It’s like some political parties, who have lost contact with his base and too many people use for their vanity. I can just to try to put my personal point of view and attitude into this scene, against any commercialism.

The debut is quite impressive and to me it was a challenge to explain what the music sounded like. Was that something that you were aiming for, for did the sound happen naturally?

That Cd was born really easily. At that time I’ve a lot of poison, hate & grudge to express, past musical experiences have surely aided me for the technical aspects, but I was really motivated and inspired at that time but at the same time some aspects weren’t planned for the musical aspects. I’ve let my inner demons to works freely.

Can you tell me a little bit about the writing and recording process?

At that time, R.A. “ Total Disgrace”, has the residence in a town really near to mine, so, we are in touch from several years, we’ve decided to start this project, lyrical aspects was developed from the compulsive reading of weird literature. I’ve written rhythm part on PC, recording has been between my house, house of R.A., another studio for the leads and the vocals, all things  happened really easy, with a lot of fun. Creative activities are my vital lymph, daily life is goddammit boring.

How has the overall reaction been to your debut?

That Cd have more attention now then at the time of releasing. Some people have appreciated our raw attitude with a little of personality, other have criticized, especially for the drum machine use, but the most part of the ,so called, “scene” has just ignored, in Italy also nowadays we’re totally ignored with the exception of few individuals.

I have three standard questions. The first being: What is your most coveted band shirt?

I’ve a lot of shirts, too much I think, and all are proudly worn. Some times I choose some besides others, in consequence of my inner attitude but here we enter into subconscious. Maybe when I wear Blasphemy t-­shirts I’m more enraged against the world…to wear a t­shirt is an habit, for me, like the collar for a priest ahahah.

The second question is: When growing up what was your favorite record(s)?

Venom, Celtic Frost, Bathory, Destruction, Sodom, Kreator, Possessed, Necrovore, Morbid Angel, Death, Autopsy, Hellhammer. I can write an huge list here. Surely Venom and Bathory have open the gates of my personal hell, have hinted to me the form of self expression who I’ve had the necessity to use for my inner freedom.

The last question is: If you could work with any musician alive or deceased who would it be?

Quorthon for the passed away above all. For the alive people I’m just interested to connect with everyone who have my same bad feelings about existence and just wanna spew his grudge. Probably the next black death messiah are living among us without any sign of recognition of his talent. I just hope to find, in my area, really motivated and dedicated people to brainquake some feeble posers. Thank you for the interview and support!

Thank you for taking the time out of your day to do this interview!


ILWScover In League With Satan is available now through Merdumgiriz.

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