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Electric Deathbeat: Dead Echo Paranoia

September 24, 2015

ELECTRIC_DEATHBEAT_DEAD_ECHO_PARANOIA It is no secret that there are some albums that take a little bit of digesting before really being able to soak it up. With Finnish band Electric Deathbeat that seems to be the case, not only with their album they released but as a whole they may take a little bit more time to understand, which is never a bad thing. Dead Echo Paranoia features eleven songs that combine industrial and electronic elements, as well as just straight up pounding heavy metal. The mix of these elements is a unique one. For the most part bands that use industrial or electronic elements or both for that matter don’t use them all of the time. For Electric Deathbeat, those synths are always there. They force you to listen to them as they dance whimsically around your head.

Each song supplies its fair share of industrial as well as heavy metal. The music is fairly well balanced, and as a matter of fact I can see Robo Cop beating the shit out of criminals to this. Robo Cop is not the point however. The point is that this particular and peculiar style of music could take a little bit of getting use to. Not only does this music make you want to head bang, it makes you want to sing a long to it, and it makes you want to break the glow sticks out and dance around in a dark room at times.

More often than not, Electric Deathbeat supply the heavy riffs and shotgun blasts of drums. Injected into that is the electronic elements, being whimsical at points as well as creating a certain skin crawling atmosphere at other times. And with that being said, Electric Deathbeat show off their diversity, not only in creating a very unique brand of music, but also in the way that they mix the synths to create something that can be paired with devastating riffs, as well as create something entirely on their own that can either be odd and creepy, as well as fun and light hearted at other times during the songs.

For me where the album really began picking up was at around the halfway point. Not that the first half was lacking, but the second half the band and their vision seemed to come together nicely. The mix of the metal and the dizzying synths seemed to mix together in harmony a little better.

During the second half of the album, the vocalist brings out a Mikael Akerfeldt-esque roar more often than he does at the beginning of the record. The singing itself is interesting, it is its own entity because there are a lot of different styles that are present within these eleven songs. You get some clean singing that has a prominent melancholy sound about them, and mixed with the cleans are more of a spoken word style that the vocalist uses the most. There are two more vocal styles that make appearances on Dead Echo Paranoia however. As mentioned above, there is a deep growl that makes appearances throughout the record-more so in the second half-and accompanied by the deep roar is almost a black metal like scream. For vocals it comes down to a lot of preference, and for me the growls and black metal-esque screams seem to work the best with this music.

Paired with the roars, cleans and the electronic sounds are the instruments that can be quite loud and pummeling at parts, as well as quiet and subdued at others when needed. There are riffs throughout that are heavy and hard rocking getting anyone to bang their head. Behind the guitars is a pretty acrobatic performance from the drummer which keeps up with both the synths as well as the riffs. And at the forefront of a lot of the music is the bass. It is very prominent and really makes itself known all throughout Dead Echo Paranoia.

Through an interesting mix of just about everything, these Finnish metal heads end up bringing Dead Echo Paranoia to your speakers. As stated above, this listen may take a little bit of digesting, and if at first you don’t understand, you will eventually. The album is good, it does make you bang your head, and at the same time it makes you want to throw a rave at times. Electric Deathbeat does mix the stylings of electronic and industrial music well with the more hard hitting metal tones. Dead Echo Paranoia is an interesting piece with a peculiar twist to it, and it does deserve and is worth a listen.

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