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Nasmork: Symphonische Tanze

September 24, 2015

a0192470897_16 The blob of a name that you see to the left of this sentence is a band that goes by the name of Nasmork. These gents and lady, hail from Germany and Symphonische Tanze is the name of their album. They play grind, and in typical grind fashion the songs on this album are not particularly long with the longest song clocking in at just under two minutes and the shortest being four seconds. There are eleven songs here, but if your mind were to wander for just a second you’d miss the entire thing.

Also in typical grind fashion, the music itself is chaotic and disorderly. Each song has a mission, but a long the way they may stop, fuck some stuff up elsewhere then carry on to their destination. There is plenty of whirlwind grind noise and screaming for any grind fan out there.

Through each song you get subjected to a different kind of noise as the songs start out relatively different, and a long the way you can hear differences in the music which is a good thing, because if there weren’t some differences then the whole album would sound like one long song.

From the opener though, all the way to the four second closer there is no break in the meat grinder that is the grind that Nasmork puts forth.

Putting their most grotesque-but best-foot forward, Nasmork shoot out of the gate at a blistering pace never to slow down or heed the warning that they may burst into flames if they play with such intensity.

The bombastic style of play comes from the simple fact that they are a grind band. But that isn’t the only reason why the band is explosive. You can play grind all you want, and you can have a lot of intensity, but you can sound like a train hitting a truck at full speed too. And you know what that would sound like. That’s right, a disaster. Now, Nasmork and Syphonische Tanze are far from perfect, but they seem to be on the right track.

With the hyper riffage that barrels straight into your chest, the somersaulting drums, the ever thick and meaty bass and the vocals that sound like the vocalist chewed up glass before the recording session, Symphonische Tanze is grind to its core. The vocalist, she even breaks out a couple of pig squeals at the end of the album to keep you on your toes. Is Symphonische Tanze perfect? The answer would be no. But for grind it seems to me that the more chaotic the better, and Nasmork supply the chaos and the noise in droves. As I said above, this fledgling grind band seem to be on the right track, and on their way to making more noise in the future. So, if grind is your filth covered cup of tea, Nasmork may just be the right fit for you.

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