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The Physicists: My Love Is Dead

September 25, 2015

My_Love_is_Dead If you had one guess as to what kind of music The Physicists play, and you guess black metal, I’d hit you with a goddamn shovel. The Physicists hail from Finland, and they have been around since 2006. According to the press release, this album took four years to create, and you can tell it did. The amount of focus and detail put into My Love Is Dead is apparent from the beginning. The Physicists are an industrial metal band, and this album contains ten tracks with three mixes of certain songs that appear on the album. Spending four years with something and putting all of your energy into it can make someone crazy. And I think that it did it to this band. The music presented here is schizophrenic to say the least.

The album is cohesive and melts together very well, but it jumps around a lot and there are sounds that don’t exactly mix with other sounds, but somehow The Physicists pull it off and make everything mesh together like one psychotic drug induced nightmare.

Metal being infused with industrial elements and even electronic elements is not something that is new to the world of metal, but here there is something new. Most industrial acts tend to sound like a Fear Factory clone, and for them their sound works well, and for others trying to imitate it, it sounds like shit. But here, The Physicists don’t sound like anyone but themselves.

Certain aspects of the industrial parts are reminiscent of Marilyn Manson, but those moments are brief and of course don’t last long. Everything here is fresh and original and the industrial parts don’t overshadow the metal that is present here as well.

During the course of the album, The Physicists do a good job of mixing creepy skin crawling tones with more light hearted sounds. And the creepier sounds bring you to a very dark place, one that you never knew existed even in the darkest recesses of your mind. Some of the music makes you feel as though you’ve been kidnapped, thrown into a van, held captive in a dark room somewhere with fluorescent flickering lights, and the only thing that you hear every day is the same pounding bass laden industrial noise.

Other than being held against your will, My Love Is Dead-as mentioned above-works together to work toward the goal of bringing you a solid piece of music. No particular thing detracts from the whole of the music. In fact everything works well together creating a unique interesting piece.

My Love Is Dead provides various and ever changing industrial elements as well as pounding, headbanging metal. You get a menagerie of sounds, that when stitched together tell an interesting story. The synths and other electronic sounds provide a great deal of atmosphere as well as chaos for the already chaotic music. And with that chaos combined with the pounding-and at points somersaulting drums-as well as the crunching rhythmic guitars you get something truly reality bending. You even get quite a bit of variety with the vocals. You get clean singing as well as more of a haunting spoken word performance, which both of those styles are accentuated by the occasional growl as well as a scream that could belong in a black metal album.

Each element here is executed flawlessly, and the music is orchestrated expertly as well. With so many different sounds flying around your head, it never becomes difficult to listen to. The Physicists worked on this album for many years and worked their main mixer to the point of suicide, and it shows here with their newest effort. The attention to detail is great, and at first you may not like it, but the album is a grower. You get the industrial parts, as well as the hard hitting heavy metal that you can bang your head to, and My Love Is Dead overall is a good and intriguing listen.

physicists_promopic2015 My Love Is Dead will be coming out October 2nd through Inverse Records this year.

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