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"Blasphemer, Heretic, Defiler of the Sacred Ones. Thou art Deprived of Your Limbs. Thy Nose Shall be Split. Thou art Cast Down and Overthrown."-Cast Down The Heretic by Nile

Monday Morning Mayhem

September 27, 2015

With the second installment of Monday Morning Mayhem, I bring to you four more bands that will help you fight the good fight against that asshole that everyone hates, and his name is Monday. This playlist will help you emerge victorious against that dreadful day. Enjoy and headbang the Monday away!


a1033422949_10 The very first band to help you combat Monday is a band hailing from New York and they are called Sicada, and their EP is titled Requisition. Requisition unleashes six tracks of pure fiery metal upon its listeners. The combination of death metal and thrash make for a furious offering. The marriage between the two genres seems to be a good, bountiful and fulfilling one, as the songs that Sicada offer here are equal parts death metal and thrash. Each song brings fiery riffs, and acrobatic drumming to the table as well as the occasional shredding guitar solo. Sicada have a good amount of groove in their songs as well making Requisition balanced and not just about the visceral onslaught of metallic goodness. Sicada keeps a melodic edge while thrashing about creating a maelstrom of metal. Having that melodic touch is important because it gives Sicada that extra variable, that little extra something to have the listener think about while listening. Sicada nail this EP combing old school death metal elements with a harsh thrash attack that creates something that is fun to listen to and headbang to while making people air guitar and drum until their heart is content.


a0814870975_16 Just because Monday’s aren’t depressing enough, I bring Arrant Saudade from the UK. The Peace of Solitude will be released October 1st but is available through Bandcamp currently. Arrant Saudade plays funeral doom in the most depressing sense of the word funeral. The music is glacier slow, and emanates music that is utterly depressing and dark. The riffs are slow and low, while the drumming is rhythmic and comes off as depressing as well. Who knew that drums could be so melancholy? Well it turns out that these drums can be and are very melancholy. The vocals presented here on The Peace of Solitude are incredibly deep and monstrous in delivery. The growls are deep and carried out slowly and powerfully, and backed by these possessed vocals are choir like vocals. Music is meant to make you feel a certain way, and Arrant Saudade really make you feel as if you are at a funeral, or just in a depressed state in general. As the hypnotic clean vocals run through your head, you end up feeling like you are haunted by ghosts of the past that are here to cross you over to the other side. Other than being completely bleak and disparaging, the music itself is beautifully composed, and sounds like death is whispering sweet nothings into your ear. Don’t resist your fate, succumb to the darkness as you feel death’s cold hand reaching out for yours.


a1811140494_16 Staying in the UK we find Groak and their EP Masticator. Going from utterly depressing doom to a more accosting crust doom combo. The Masticator EP features four songs that are bleak and destructive. Each song has a filthy amount of fuzz to it which helps this band lay waste to anything that opposes it. The songs are quite long which means you get subjected to this skull rattling noise for quite a while. Your ear drums buzz, and your brain rattles and bounces off of your cranium at furious speeds because of all of the filthy buzz that is present here on Masticator. For the most part this EP is also glacier slow, and at certain points the music picks up to assault even further giving the EP some variation, but then it slows back down to its abrasive yet slow style. The vocals are screamed at you, shredding the throat of the vocalist. And I’m not quite certain how anyone could have stayed in the booth for very long recording any of these songs with the amount of bass that is injected into Masticator. If you truly feel like having your organs ruptured, Groak is probably your go to band.


a0441971549_16 Traveling back across the pond we find Fornicus from Kentucky. No they don’t play banjos or bluegrass or anything of that sort. Instead they play some black metal. Feast For Rats is their EP which was just released this month. With the majority of bands on this list that will cast you down into the pit of despair, this band is no different. Except for their pit of despair happens to be lined with hell fire. Fornicus really is blasphemous because they are smack dab right in the middle of Bible Belt territory. So really in a sense that really qualifies them to be incredibly black metal. These heathens unleash three tracks of their devilish style of music. They add some symphonic bits to their music creating an even more sinister sound than they already posses. The riffs are sordid and positively evil, the drumming is a controlled chaos, and the vocals are dissonant as well as throat cutting. Each song spews a decent amount of venom which corrode your ear drums until you are completely deaf. A darkened fog can be seen drifting over Kentucky and the rest of the Bible Belt courtesy of Fornicus. Bible thumpers beware, Fornicus is coming after you.


Hopefully the second installment of Monday Morning Mayhem will help you send Monday to hell! And Monday Morning Mayhem is brought to you by Satan, the heavy metal ambassador.

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