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"Blasphemer, Heretic, Defiler of the Sacred Ones. Thou art Deprived of Your Limbs. Thy Nose Shall be Split. Thou art Cast Down and Overthrown."-Cast Down The Heretic by Nile

Tod Huetet Uebel: Malicia

September 27, 2015

Cover_CD Imagine for a second what pure burning hatred sounds like. Then listen to Malicia by Tod Huetet Uebel. They sound pretty close to what hate would sound like if it were in fact a sound. Malicia translates to malice in English, and this record by these Portuguese black metallers has plenty of malice. Each song is raw and burns with blackened hell fire. Not only are they soul piercing, and punishingly fast, but Tod Huetet Uebel does a great job in creating a particular dark and startling atmosphere.

They create such an atmosphere not only with the music, but with unsettling screams that sound like a soul that has been damned to hell only to be tortured for the rest of eternity. They even mix in some spoken word elements as well which sound like incantations. And I’m not sure if the Devil himself helped with the recording of this album, but I have a strong feeling that he did, and with the help of the Devil he added his own evil twist to the music.

There are seven songs on this album, two surpassing seven minutes, one being exactly nine minutes long, another being eight, and the rest with the exception of the closing track are over five minutes. In total Malicia is forty-four minutes long. And within those minutes you get exposed to some pretty hateful and soul darkening black metal. The reason I mention the time is because unlike most black metal where the songs are two to three minutes long and offer nothing but blistering music to listen to, Tod Huetet Uebel offer so much more.

With the longer songs, Tod Huetet Uebel is able to create exactly what they want to create, and make you feel like that soul damned to hell only to be tortured for all eternity. Don’t get me wrong however, each song does offer that punishing blasting of blackened brutality as well, but they mix other elements into the music to make it not so one dimensional. And making songs one dimensional is exactly where a lot of bands go wrong. They make music that sounds evil enough, but they never add anything extra to take that extra step to really create such a spiteful and burning hatred feeling.

During the third track (all of the tracks don’t have names, just numbers) right in the middle, the song breaks to only have dissonant guitar work bounce around in your head and to have evil demonic laughter drive you to madness right before the music picks back up to blast away at what sanity you have left. A lot of the songs presented here to have that little break here and there in the music to keep you off your toes, and to create something all together sinister. Not everything has to be a punishing nail bomb of noise constantly, and Tod Huetet Uebel is not just a nail bomb. They’re a nail bomb that packs more punch because of the variety that they supply and because they are not just a one dimensional band.

Malicia feels structured to deliver one critical strike after another, and after the closing track the album loops back around again only to carpet bomb you seven more times. The riffs writhe and coil around your neck like a serpent, while the malicious drums attack and shred your morality. Meanwhile the atmosphere provided drives you into a despairing void of nothingness which soon morphs into a black cave of demons and pure unfiltered evil. The vocals are that of a tortured and tormented being, and they fit so well into what Tod Huetet Uebel is trying to portray.

Malicia is dissonant, accosting, and aggressive, all things that you want to hear from black metal. Through all of the hate and disdain, Tod Huetet Uebel supply that much needed and wanted atmosphere to their music, making everything that much more dark and chaotic.

If you are that tortured soul, or you just want to feel tortured Tod Huetet Uebel and Malicia is for you. If black metal is your thing as well then this is a must for your collection. Hell, if you love metal in general this is a must for any collection. It’s dark, cold, full of hate and spite, and Tod Huetet Uebel execute perfectly on everything here. Malicia will be out October 16th this year through Caverna Abismal Records.

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