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"Blasphemer, Heretic, Defiler of the Sacred Ones. Thou art Deprived of Your Limbs. Thy Nose Shall be Split. Thou art Cast Down and Overthrown."-Cast Down The Heretic by Nile

Brutonomy: The Duality of Being

September 29, 2015

a3496141805_16 Death from down under is brought to you today by Brutonomy. In case you did not get my woeful pun, Brutonomy is from Melbourne, Australia and Brutonomy stay true to their name and come across as brutal as you would hope. With a name like Brutonomy there are certain brutal standards in which your music will be held, and as far as I’m concerned they check every box in the death metal check list. This check list is not a happy one by any standards unless you are a metal head. The checklist consists of items like disease, mental disorders, war, and enough gore to put Jason Voorhees to shame. If any of those items get your pickle dill, then Brutonomy is right up your filth covered alley.

If you like death metal at all, even just a little bit The Duality of Being is a perfect fit in your collection. Brutonomy mix old school death metal with the new to create a bludgeoning force of mutilating death metal. The four songs that are provided here “revolve around the polar opposites of the human condition”  according to the band.

Within the first couple of minutes-or seconds even-of the opener The Duality of Being you can feel your head nodding back and forth to the rhythmic sounds of slaughtering music. Soon those nods turn into heavy neck twisting headbanging, and sooner or later you just won’t have a head.

During the course of this release you can tell these Aussies pay homage to the bands of old such as Suffocation, as well as work in their own flavor. They don’t recycle riffs, or rhythms, bass lines, nothing. Everything here has that fresh stench of death smell to it, like they have been fermenting cadavers for years in their basements.

Trying to escape the infectious metal would be entirely futile. While keeping that thrashing, concrete smashing sound, Brutonomy does a great job with keeping the music melodic as well. The songs are entirely memorable and catchy, and for death metal that is something that doesn’t happen all too often. All four of the songs here differ from each other as well never letting one sound the same as the one previous.

There is not a weak point during The Duality of Being; the entire release is solid as it is one big block made up of flesh and festering skin. Locking your house would be a wise choice while listening to this album because I’m sure that plenty of people were harmed in the making of it. And unless you want to be their next victim, then dead bolting that bad boy and loading your shotgun would be the best decision you’ve made all day.

With the twin guitar attack that saws through your neck and spine like it were a hot knife through butter coupled with the frenzied blasts of the drum, your face is bound to look like a pulpy mess after a couple of listens. Another component to the music that makes it even more thick and murky is the bass. Behind the ax wielding guitarists and the machine gun drumming, the bass lays down a thick bass line and even gets its time to shine in Finally Clean. Over top of the brain bursting musicianship, the throat shredding vocals take the form of a pissed off monster that has been hiding under your bed for years. The growls are subterranean, and paired up with the monstrous growls are some gravely screams as well.

Four songs does not seem like a whole lot to go off of, but with Brutonomy and The Duality of Being there is enough meat here to chew. The album as a whole moves in one destructive direction, and each element that is on display within these songs is executed very well. Not one thing overshadows another, the musicianship is great, the vocals are demonic, and any fan of death metal should want to have this on their shelf.

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