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Spacebeast: Self Titled

September 30, 2015

a2792778513_16 Hailing from Portland,Oregon where there has been plenty of bands popping up like zits on the face of that nerdy kid that you picked on in school. Anyway, Oregon has been a breeding ground for metal lately, and Spacebeast is a part of that metal movement. Spacebeast encourages you to make up your own lyrics as the music goes along as they are a complete instrumental band. There are no lyrics here and that is just fine. The musicianship presented on this self titled effort is on point and ridiculously heavy. Spacebeast play some intergalactic doom, and the five songs here are more than able to suck the air right out of your space suit and your eyes right out of their sockets.

From the first note to the last, these Portland dwellers lay down the heavy which is jet fueled by heavy, murky riffs. What this group does really well is take you on a cosmic trip with a beast just like the one that is depicted on the album cover, but instead that beast is this release. I for one am glad to see a doom band that is instrumental, because a lot of the time doom and sludge acts can have the same vocal stylings that get used and dried up quickly.

Without using any of those vocal styles, Spacebeast cut all of that out of course and just focus on the task at hand which is to just create good music to listen to, and there is no shortage of good music to listen to here. Each of the songs played on this self titled effort never mimic or copy one another as the songs are unique in their own way, yet they all shred just the same.

Doom can be a long and drawn out genre, and that is just its nature. With these songs being relatively long, they never make your attention waver. There are no dull moments as this album keeps chugging along whether you are on board or not.

The guitars crunch and chug heavier than a lot of riffs and thrown into the elephant sized riffs is the occasional finger bursting guitar solo. Behind the riffs are the drums which rumble and pound their way through, and to compliment the drum work is the bass which gives each song a little more character and a little more of a rugged heavy vibe.

Overall, Spacebeast is exactly what the name implies. The tracks ladled here to shove down your gullets are in fact of beast proportions. They are memorable, catchy and headbang worthy and well worthy of a good listen or two.

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