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"Blasphemer, Heretic, Defiler of the Sacred Ones. Thou art Deprived of Your Limbs. Thy Nose Shall be Split. Thou art Cast Down and Overthrown."-Cast Down The Heretic by Nile

Vile Insignia: Bestial Invocation

October 1, 2015

Album Artwork Bestial Invocation is Vile Insignia’s debut album which will be released October 2nd. The album includes nine songs of filler free blackened death metal. Save for the intro the majority of these songs hit the nine minute mark turning the album from just a regular album into a trek into an abysmal abyss in which you will never be seen again. Of course mixing black metal with death metal, Vile Insignia gives you a little bit more to bite off, there is a little bit more to think about and a little bit more to absorb. Bestial Invocation runs smooth like a well oiled machine, never skipping a beat once, and never slowing down either as it takes you on this positively sordid ride.

The long run times give you the feeling that you’ve been beaten over the head repeatedly with a flail, and the beatings don’t stop unless the music does, and the music doesn’t stop for quite some time. Each song is one onslaught after the other of relentless metal. Never once does the music break into a melodic anything to give you the chance to hold your head above the thick poisonous fog that is Bestial Invocation.

It certainly is easier to succumb to the darkness with this release for the simple fact that if you try to fight it, it will fight you back and force you to listen to every single second of this album. A lot of black metal creates a certain atmosphere and Vile Insignia do the same here with their debut.

The atmosphere created however isn’t one of mystery, discordant synths or wailing screams. Vile Insignia create their atmosphere through sheer punishment, hatred, and darkness. Coming down upon you like a blackened tidal wave, Bestial Invocation sweeps you from under your feet to suck you under and drag you beneath the sea until you drown in utter blackness.

For being as new as they are to the metal scene, Vile Insignia put together an album that seems as though they’ve been doing it for years. As mentioned above, the album is as smooth as it is dark. The superb musicianship present here takes the majority of the credit for that. The riffs are a tour de force, the drums are rhythmic yet entirely relentless in their assault, and the bass that is behind all of this rolls along in the background like thunder. Meanwhile the lead singer belts out his best impressions of a demon as he combines the vocal stylings for death metal and black metal. The black metal vocal style takes over the majority of his vocal range as he screams ear shredding shrieks, but combined with that is the occasional death metal growl which sounds like a monster coming up from the depths to damn the sinners to the furthest reaches of hell.

Hordes upon hordes of the sickest and most evil creatures will more than likely be knocking down the gates of hell to get their talons on this, and rightfully so. Bestial Invocation brings out the things in you that you thought were hidden deep inside of your horrid soul for eternity. But with this headbanger and demon summoning album you can’t help but to just enjoy the evil and bathe in all of its glory.

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