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Dysylumn: Conceptarium

October 2, 2015

cover (2) Boarding the most metal metaphorical plane I possibly could, I take you to France where Dysylumn hails. Dysylumn is a two piece blackened death metal band and Conceptarium is the first full length released on September first. Within this album is nine songs in which you get to feel the full wrath of black metal combined with death metal and even some progressive metal thrown in the mix. Conceptarium has a smooth flow to it even though each song is a blasting burst of metal.

Each song present on this album never sit still for a moment as tempos and rhythms change constantly. One minute will be listening to the ever blasting assault that is Dysylumn, and the next the band breaks into a progressive melody. All of these changes are done with ease as one element melts with the others very well, never muddying up the music for a second.

From the beginning of Vide Spatial to the end of Nebuleuse, Conceptarium ties together very well. There are four songs that tie together better than all the rest however. The two parts of one song titled Conceptarium of course are the first two that tie together for obvious reasons. But the other two songs come at the end in the eighth and ninth slot. The songs are titled Voyage Astral and Nebuleuse, and these songs which are instrumentals seemingly tie the entire album together expertly and perfectly narrate what the album is all about without even uttering a single word.

Conceptarium is an atmospheric album, and with the content that is supplied that is seemingly about the cosmic realm, Dysylumn are able to take atmosphere to a different level.

Dysylumn smoothly transition between black and death metal, as one moment can be a chaotic storm of death metal fury, and the next can be a more calm atmospheric break from the fiery thunder storms that Dysylumn conjure. Generally black metal is the more unruly one between the two genres, but here it does provide that brooding darkness instead of that over powering madness that we’re all use to hearing from black metal.

The riffs are clean and at points dizzying, while the drums are acrobatic and somersaulting and the bass lays down a nice thick bass line. All the while the vocalist screams the black metal staple of shrieks, but on occasion can get into the lower octaves as well. He does show range here which provides the music with some nice variety.

As mentioned above, the two closing instrumental tracks tie the album off nicely with a progressive touch to everything. More than any other song on the record, the last two sound astral and cosmic, and as hard hitting and heavy as the songs are they almost provide a calm in the midst of a meteor shower.

Dysylumn impresses with their musicianship, the range of the vocal styles, and the incorporation of the progressive and atmospheric elements. Conceptarium is an album that not only makes you headbang, but it also makes you think. The album is smart and well put together, the transitions between songs mesh, and the album as a whole moves together and fits expertly.

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