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Idolatry: Self Titled EP

October 2, 2015

ARTWORK Earlier last month Idolatry released a split with another black metal band called Unrest and that split was titled Infection Born Of Ending. Idolatry has released their self titled EP which I bring to you today. This EP is comprised of four songs, and these four songs are pretty long in length giving you plenty of black metal and filth to wallow in. Idolatry seem to stand for everything that is black metal. There is no fancy production, the songs are long and create a very specific atmosphere of hate and bitterness much like the forefathers of black metal intended to do. And in following those foot steps Idolatry are equally relentless in their attack and equally spiteful as their predecessors.

The EP begins with a galloping drum rhythm supplemented by the wailing screams of the vocalist, and this opener seemingly sets the stage and the tone for the rest of the release. Throughout you get more wailing, more galloping drums and more rusty, buzz filled riffs. Rusty as in the sound, because the sound is of old and pays homage to the black metal bands that came before.

Idolatry play in a similar style of old school black metal but instead of copying and pasting everything they mix in their own sounds as well. Instead of being one harsh blast after the next, each song does break into a more mid paced rhythm giving you a small amount of air to breath before submerging you into darkness once more.

The mid paced tempos don’t keep for long and neither do the slower ones which appear every so often as they give way to the more prominent and ever black onslaught that is Idolatry. With each step that is taken deeper into the EP the more dismal it becomes, and the more you realize that you simply cannot back out of listening.

The riffs aren’t head splattering, but they do assault you in ways in which you would rather repress, and the drums sound like someone is pounding vehemently against cardboard boxes. The cardboard box sound is reminiscent of the drumming of Venom (in sound not in style) and the reference to the boxes isn’t meant to be derogatory, it’s simply meant to mean that the old school sound carries through and through. With the instruments casting hell fire of their own, the vocalist provides venomous vocals. He shrieks and wails giving the EP an even more frightening sound than it already had.

Idolatry and their self titled debut EP channel old school black metal without imitating it. They give their own spin on the music and make it as evil and sinister as possible. As the lead vocalist screams and carries on like a mad man, you can’t help but to feel like one yourself at points while listening. At any rate, Idolatry’s EP is the perfect addition to any black metal enthusiast that is looking for that old school feel with a little bit of a new twist added to the music. If you so choose to listen to this purely darkened release, be sure to draw a pentagram on the floor before you do, just so you can summon Satan and have a listening partner, I’m sure he’d enjoy this as well.

Below is the link to Idolatry’s song Stygian Creed. Enjoy!

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