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Chaos: Mortality Makes the Humanity

October 4, 2015

Chaos-album_cover The picture to the left of these words isn’t just a random picture I found off the interweb. The picture happens to be the album cover of the Finnish band Chaos and their new album Mortality Makes the Humanity. This is the debut full length for these Finnish metal heads, and instead of just throwing an album together they decided to create a concept album. Mortality Makes the Humanity seems to portray the existence of an almost George Orwell type of dictatorship, where you find the main character running from the government, fighting against the dictator and even losing his loved one. Within the twelve tracks present within this album, the musicianship makes you feel different emotions all the way through.

When following a story no matter what story, you end up caring about the characters that the story is about. You can’t get too attached though because shows like Game of Thrones kills everyone off. As mentioned you follow a story, and you follow a character, and the music reflects the emotions of this character and the overall feeling of this dictatorship very well.

From the very beginning Chaos establishes a certain atmosphere. They establish that not everything is as it seems, and these people within this concept album are trying to break the system and restore order. So the overall feeling is one of desperation, anger, and at points sadness.

Also to further develop the story is the fact that Chaos fuses multiple genres together. The most prominent genre is traditional metal, but the traditional stylings is melted together with what seems to be death metal at points. The content of the songs isn’t exactly death metal but Chaos throws in some heavy chugging riffs to throw in some variation.

Mortality Makes the Humanity mixes the melancholy with the aggressive well as they display the chugging riffs along side the slower more heart string tugging riffs. However, the riffs aren’t the only thing on display that give the album and the songs a certain identity. The vocals vary between eagle screeches to cleans as well as almost a spoken word variation. There are a lot of variables at play that create such an atmosphere, a lot of moving pieces, and Chaos sew them together well to create their specific sound and their specific story.

Alongside the riffs that change from the occasional acoustic piece to the more rhythmic guitar parts and then again to the chugging death metal style riffs, the drumming transitions between acrobatic to blasting, and the bass behind all of this rumbles along and makes itself well known throughout the entirety of Mortality Makes the Humanity.  Within the same song the emotion can change from anger to sadness back to anger just with the change of the tempo of the song. The riffs can devastate at one point, then slow down and lighten up to create  something different all together.

The musicianship within the album is crafty as it is always changing, creating different moods and atmospheres. None of the twelve songs present on Mortality Makes the Humanity sound alike as Chaos shows off their innate ability to create and weave a story. Since there is quite a bit of variation here, there is something here for everyone. If you like story telling then this album is for you, and if you like smooth rhythmic musicianship then Mortality Makes the Humanity is also for you. And if you like chugging riffs, the occasional guitar solo and blasting drums, then Mortality Makes the Humanity is also for you.

Mortality Makes the Humanity is out November 13th through Inverse Records.

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