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Monday Morning Mayhem

October 4, 2015

Back with the third installment of everyone’s favorite Monday decimating segment, I bring to you four more bands that will certainly aid you in your quest to rid the world of Monday, or at least make it somewhat better. And I know some people like Monday and if you do, then this list will make your Monday even better, and if you don’t like the day then hopefully this will make your day better as well as you sit in your cubicle contemplating life and how much better it is with heavy metal.


a1571079548_16 Let’s travel to Copenhagen, Denmark where we find Dirt Forge and their album Ratcatchers. Dirt Forge mix doom with sludge as doom bands do so often. The marriage between the two genres makes perfect sense honestly. Both are buzz filled, have a certain groove to them and both tackle ideas that other genres don’t necessarily take on. Ratcatchers forces four songs upon you and gives you a good variation of doom and sludge. Dirt Forge do a great job of mixing equal parts of doom with equal parts of sludge and not having one over shadow the other. In fact, in all of the songs here you really do hear a good portion of both. Dirt Forge transition from doom to sludge and back again seamlessly. At one point you get the slow moving dirge of buzz filled doom and the next you get the rhythmic stylings of sludge. The sludge metal aspects to their music are groovy and galloping laying down a thick layer of fuzzy hard hitting riffs as well as the obese bass undertones that doom and sludge are well known to have. I don’t know if this album will help you catch any rats, but what I do know is that it is a great way to start off a Monday morning. Rolling hard rocking riffs, thick bass, sound drumming, and those gravely shouts that are ever prominent in this style of music is a sure fire way to kick off a good day.


a3242311419_16 Continuing with the doom theme we travel to Northampton, UK to find Iron Grave. Iron Grave is a doom metal band as mentioned, but instead of taking a traditional approach to doom their concepts are more in the strain of power metal. I suppose power doom would be the appropriate genre tag on them if you were to give them one. On Conquering of the Draconthrope the themes are power metal influenced, but the musicianship is that of doom. There are still the glacier slow moving buzzing riffs, the fat bass that backs the guitars up, the solid drumming, and instead of gravely screams you get death metal style vocals instead. Other than doom being the main source of noise with this release, through the majority of songs here you end up hearing a doom ‘n’ roll sound. The doom is still there but the pace of the song picks up into a more rocking grooving rhythm. Iron Grave mix a lot of different elements into their music creating something unique and fresh to the world of doom. Not only is there doom, but there is power metal, as well as doom ‘n’ roll, and with those combined you get the death metal style vocals from the vocalist as well. Conquering of the Draconthrope is an interesting release to say the least because of all of these elements that are sewn together, but it makes it an adventurous one as well and one that is well worth checking out.


a2832731728_16 Drawn into Descent hails from Belgium, and they play some atmospheric black metal. Their self titled release features six lengthy songs with two of them almost reaching the ten minute mark. The atmosphere in which they provide is almost depressing. The way in which the music is played really gives the impression that Drawn into Descent is trying their best to make you feel lonely. Traditional black metal is meant to make you feel cold, isolated, hateful and spiteful, however black metal is depressing as well, and Drawn into Descent makes that very apparent with this self titled release. The sharp punishing riffs and tumultuous drumming is present as well, but more than anything Drawn into Descent take the atmospheric road. The songs are long giving this band more time to tell their story and more time to portray what this album is meant to portray. This Belgian band creates a dark world all of their own, they suck you in with great musicianship, song writing and story telling ability. The music is captivating, mystifying and beautiful to listen to. Drawn into Descent hits the nail on the head with this debut album. It’s heavy, packed full of atmosphere and emotion and is riddled with solid musicianship. This self titled debut is well worthy of multiple listens.


a2519166054_16 Heading back to the U.S. we land in Indiana finding blackened grind monsters Black Goat of the Woods. Ancient Burial Ground is their newest release which assaults you with five songs of writhing destructive blackened grind. Unlike typical grind, these songs are longer in run time giving Black Goat of the Woods more time to terrorize you than normal. And unlike the traditional black metal standard, these songs don’t have atmosphere to them. They aren’t depressing and they don’t paint pictures of isolation and depression. Instead they are savage blasts of hate that lobotomize your soul and desecrate your humanity. The riffs are harsh and dissonant, the drumming is of gale force wind proportions, and the vocalist shreds his throat on hate filled shrieks as well as demonic growls. There really is only one track on this release that is not as blistering as the rest, and that is the closer Ancient Burial Ground. The majority of the song is a slow rumble, only to pick up into that black metal fury  occasionally. The overall sound is truly sinister and would blacken even the purest of hearts.


That concludes this installment of Monday Morning Mayhem. I hope it brings you plenty of entertainment on your dreary Mondays!

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