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"Blasphemer, Heretic, Defiler of the Sacred Ones. Thou art Deprived of Your Limbs. Thy Nose Shall be Split. Thou art Cast Down and Overthrown."-Cast Down The Heretic by Nile

Eternal Armageddon: Black Thrash Bastards

October 6, 2015

1422295130_tmp_Artwork Who likes Satan, leather, blasphemy and plays black thrash? The answer to that question-and perhaps to some unholy prayers-would be Eternal Armageddon. Eternal Armageddon hails from Bangladesh and their newest release which is what is presented here today is titled Black Thrash Bastards.  The title of this release has the name bastard in it but the music itself is anything but bastardized. With four original songs and one cover of Sodom’s Blasphemer, Eternal Armageddon play an incredibly stripped down style of old school metal.

Black Thrash Bastards is as raw as it gets. This release is just as raw as a fresh cut of steak that is still bleeding and pulsing as it is slapped on your plate. Black Thrash Bastards sounds like it was recorded all at once with the entire band in the booth at the same time. And frankly the raw, bare bones style is quite refreshing to hear. It is not over produced at all, it sounds like it was dug up from 1980 and that’s just the way it should be.

Eternal Armageddon never once tries to hide what they are all about, they don’t disguise their image or the fact that they play blackened thrash. From the very first note of the opener Darkness Shalt Reign everything comes into focus immediately. There are no little bits of death metal thrown in, there is no doom sewn into this blaze of thrash, there is nothing hidden.

Black Thrash Bastards is exactly a blaze. It’s noisy, writhing, and burns with the intensity of the purest and darkest of hell fires. Each song present here on this release has that no fucks given attitude that ends up being the driving force for this album.

With all of its ferociousness and tenacity Black Thrash Bastards does have a certain rhythm about it though  so that the music doesn’t sound like a mixture of noise polluted with more noise. Eternal Armageddon are calculated in their attack never easing up or stopping for a minute to allow you to catch your breath or let you rest your neck from all of the head caving head banging.

The riffs have plenty of grime and grit to them barreling their way through your chest as the drums do their best to break your bones while the bass pulses and heavy amount of fuzz providing each song with plenty of back bone. Thrown into the ever darkening clouds of the abyss are some squealing guitar solos that make scattered appearances throughout. Atop the gale force thrash that is Eternal Armageddon is the screaming and screeching vocalist. The throat blistering vocals make for an even further enhanced darkness as they sound like a mad man that has escaped from a mental facility and stumbled upon the recording studio.

After their first EP in 2009 Eternal Armageddon went on a little bit of a hiatus, and after that hiatus and back now with a new line up Black Thrash Bastards was born and unleashed on the world in January. And since January I can’t help but to imagine that Eternal Armageddon with their new release has been terrorizing Bangladesh. Their furious style of play and their old school thrash sound makes for a memorable release, one that makes you head bang and air guitar until your head falls off.

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