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"Blasphemer, Heretic, Defiler of the Sacred Ones. Thou art Deprived of Your Limbs. Thy Nose Shall be Split. Thou art Cast Down and Overthrown."-Cast Down The Heretic by Nile

Exuvium: Subarachnoid

October 6, 2015

a4159988106_16 The stench of death is a stench that excites the nostrils and gets the blood pumping if you are a serial killer or if you are an avid death metal fan. With that being said, Exuvium are a death metal band through and through. These Winnipeg, Manitoba natives force feed you their offering titled Subarachnoid. This release features three tracks of pure and unrelenting death metal. The putrid stench from the decaying bodies that exudes from this formidable death metal slaughterhouse is incredibly pungent and overwhelming.

With just three songs that reach close to the ten minute mark there isn’t a lot of meat here to chew. However, for you death metal fiends there is plenty of rancid meat to chew on. That slab of meat (un)intentionally comes from you after Subarachnoid bulldozes and hacks you up in a wood chipper.

The just under two minute opener Violent Obsession sets the tone very well for the other two songs. It forces you to listen and pay attention to the burning onslaught that is Exuvium. After Violent OBsession follows Flayed for Display and Succumb to Savagery which up the ante. Each song seems to one up the other, being even more brutal than its counterpart.

There is no denying that this release is dynamic. Not only does Exuvium display a savage and innate ability to create such barbaric death metal, but there are a couple of other elements that are thrown in the equation to give the music a little bit more flavor and diversity. In the closing track Succumb to Savagery one minute before the end of the song there is a hint of slam present. And throughout “Subarachnoid” there are scattered guitar solos which also give the band and their music a little more to work with when creating their music.

Not all metal makes you feel as though you’ve take a savage beating with a spiked bat, but Exuvium succeed in that department. Displaying incredible musicianship, and song writing ability it only can make me wonder what a full length would sound like. With butcher knife sharp riffs, technical, tumultuous, blasting drumming, a rumbling bass and a vocalist that sounds like he’s about to spew up his own throat with every lyric screamed, Exuvium are on a crash course with death metal infamy.

Subarachnoid furiously beats you over the head with plenty of tons of force and is completely unapologetic about it. This three track release is entirely destructive and aims to destroy. For only a three track release, Exuvium inflict maximum pain in a short amount of time. If there is a death metal band to keep an eye on, it would be Exuvium.

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