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"Blasphemer, Heretic, Defiler of the Sacred Ones. Thou art Deprived of Your Limbs. Thy Nose Shall be Split. Thou art Cast Down and Overthrown."-Cast Down The Heretic by Nile

Insane Devotion: Infidel

October 7, 2015

a2450045696_16 Infidel is the work of symphonic black metal band Insane Devotion. Insane Devotion hail from Brazil and Infidel is their newest offering which sports six songs. Over the course of these six songs, you become subjected to symphonic black metal done the correct way if I’m concerned. Nothing here is overly symphonic, and on that same token nothing here is overly black metal. No one thing takes the throne from the other, instead each song is equal parts symphonic and black metal. The marriage between the synths and metal elements is one of blasphemic proportions mainly because each element compliments each other. The synths provide for an even more sinister sound and provide a sense of atmosphere, and at the same time the utter darkness of the black metal elements provide atmosphere as well that further enhances the darkness as well as that rich dark sound that everyone enjoys while participating in the listening of such a blasphemous genre.

From the very beginning of Infidel you realize that the music is much more than just music, but it is a story as well that unfolds before you in six songs. The songs are long creating more opportunity for Insane Devotion to show their ability to mix beautiful synths with the hard hitting and soul eviscerating nature of black metal.

Insane Devotion is a two headed monster controlled by only three people. The two headed monster is such because not only is the music abrasive at times, but also displays a softer side when the songs slow down and the synths take over.

However, the softness never lasts but for a fleeting moment as the music turns back to blazing hell fire. Even though Infidel overall is a sledgehammer of hate it is not without its rhythmic and melodic qualities. As a band, Insane Devotion is not the typical chaotic sounding black metal band. The musicianship is calculated and precise, never does it once stray and become something entirely unruly and misunderstood.

The riffs are sharp and destructive creating a sense that something truly evil is afoot as the drums barrel and blast their way through hell and the bass rumbles in the background. Meanwhile the synths do a great job in creating a dark, sinister, and mystifying atmosphere. All the while the vocals spearheaded by two vocalists work their devilish magik. Shrieks turn into demonic growls and back again with ease. The tandem vocal styles work very well with the music. If the vocals were just shrieks or just growls then it would feel out of place and almost forced. But with the dual vocals present within Infidel they compliment what the music portrays very well, and for the most part the lyrics are pretty audible.

Infidel is put together very well never having a second filled with fluff. Each minute is packed and entirely utilized. Infidel is a well crafted album that not only makes you feel like one seedy bastard by listening to it, but it also gives your neck quite the work out from all the head banging. This release is for any black metal fan or for any metal fan in general. It is a solid album and very worthy of a listen.

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  1. You are totally right about this album. Very good symphonic black metal. I do recommend. Excellent review.

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