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Without: Elaborations: I

October 7, 2015

a2307437334_16 Some music can be described as nightmarish, not because it is bad but because that is what it is either meant to portray or that is exactly what the music is meant to induce. While some music can be described as such, other music can be described as dream like, not because it makes you day dream but because it is soothing and sounds like a dream may sound like.  Without plays a very glacier like style of doom. Between only two songs on Elaborations: I the run time of this release reaches just about twenty-four minutes. And after twenty-four minutes and after some time taken to consider life and its meaning I can only deduce that Without aren’t here to bend to the will of any genre stipulations.

Without takes doom and contorts the genre itself into something entirely their own. The very core of the music is doom, but Without put a unique spin on it. The point they are trying to raise is that not everything has to be about death, disease, famine or about evil in general. Instead of bending to the will of the general darkness that is doom, Without is a voice against the darkness, they are a band that isn’t exactly afraid to go against the grain.

Without states, “We are not making metal music for the sake of metal culture, replete in its calculated radical posturing, its conservative sub-sub-sub-genre segregation, its glamorization of mental illness, and its tired evil-against-good moralizing. We are not interested in the difference between black and blackened, vanilla and french-vanilla.” Instead of traveling the path most traveled, without have decided to create a path all of their own. They took bundles of dynamite to a mountain not yet paved with metal sameness to carve a new path.

Elaborations: I certainly does have a certain beauty to it. The musicianship doesn’t have the same dark and dreary melodies that we are all accustomed to when hearing the word doom. The buzz filled, mopey slow riffs are still present, but instead of sounding bleak and hate filled they sound strangely and slightly uplifting. Having not traveled the same road as their predecessors it gives Without the ability to experiment freely with their music no matter what they chose. If they chose to make something that does beat the same path, I’m sure it would sound entirely different than what has come before, and if they chose to stick to the same path and create more music that is reminiscent of Elaborations: I I’m positive that will also be welcomed with open arms.

As mentioned, the style of doom is different and dare I use the word unique? I dare use the word unique! The riffs are glacier slow, almost painfully slow and filled with that thick layer of dissonant fuzz that is very prominent within the doom genre. As the riffs sluggishly move along, the drummer beats his kit slowly but rhythmically. Almost angelic vocals waft over the music like sweet honey which only adds to the dream like music, and with everything put together it almost makes a melancholy yet somewhat uplifting sound. The uplifting feeling you may be getting is from the angelic vocals maybe because you may be being taken to heaven (if there is one) without you really realizing it.

Either way you slice it, Without create something that purposely strays from the typical doom norms. Even with Elaborations: I being close to the twenty-four minute mark, it is at least worth a listen. If you are looking for a band that doesn’t bend to genre stigmas, then maybe Without is for you, and if you are into doom at all you may find this fascinating all together.

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