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"Blasphemer, Heretic, Defiler of the Sacred Ones. Thou art Deprived of Your Limbs. Thy Nose Shall be Split. Thou art Cast Down and Overthrown."-Cast Down The Heretic by Nile

My Funeral: Violence Academy

October 8, 2015

a1546056396_16 Who wants to attend the Violence Academy? If your answer was “Pick me, pick me!” or something along those lines, then you are in luck. My Funeral is giving everyone a full ride to Violence Academy, and the only requirement that you have to have is to be fluent in metal. Violence Academy sports eleven songs that teach you a couple of things about violence and completely aggressive writhing metal. My Funeral plays thrash metal that is coupled with hints of death metal here and there. Thrash isn’t generally as gore riddled as My Funeral is, but they do a good job in bleeding every corpse dry that they’ve acquired over the years.

Everything about thrash that everyone loves and holds dear to their sordid hearts is present here. There is no mindless thrashing however as the music is refined and has plenty of groove to it. Each song is tight as the musicianship is completely on point, and I have to assume that at some point the dual attack of these riff wizards’ guitars burst into flames in the making of this album.

As a genre thrash has never really progressed in any direction, it has stayed stagnant for years never really introducing anything fresh. For the most part the music has been relatively the same as it generally deals with politics, world issues among other things, so to see a band like My Funeral incorporate gore and overt violence into their music is a fresh breath of stench filled death.

With that being said, Violence Academy isn’t a gore filled and entrail packed album, instead it has sprinkles of those elements. My Funeral have the typical thrash songs that portray things like partying until you die, thrashing on grave sites, and being too drunk to thrash, and even those songs have a twist of death to them of course. Not every song is straight death metal or thrash metal, instead each song is a good balance between death and thrash.

The songs are typically longer leaving My Funeral enough time to really teach you about violence with routine beatings to the cranium with a wooden bat. As your skull is being shattered your neck becomes contorted and twisted with the massive amounts of head banging that ensues as soon as you press play.

Each riff and each fret is calculated and burning and when they are all put together they make for a writhing pulsing mosh. The drummer having probably gone through two kits during the recording process thrashes and beats the drums within an inch of its life as the bass lashes your ear drums and rumbles along behind the guitars and thrashing drums. On top of all of the bombastic musicianship the vocalist belts out gravely shouts and at certain points lets out throat scraping mids.

The mixture of death with the bombast and catchy rhythms of death, My Funeral pull no punches with Violence Academy. A lesson in violence is a lesson that is well taught with these eleven tracks that are forced down your gullet. If you like to head bang, mosh, and be as destructive as possible, then My Funeral is a great choice. Be sure to prepare yourself for a neck twisting thrash attack, because afterward you may not even have a head for your neck to support.

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