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Basic Necromancy: Necessities

October 10, 2015

a2418927362_16 Who likes some tabs of acid in their morning cup of coffee? If you raised your hand, then you’re in for a treat. With that being said, Basic Necromancy are a psychedelic doom/stoner band from Finland and Necessities is their new release. At times Necessities can be groovy and funky and at others it can be completely bleak and abrasive. Basic Necromancy also transitions from fuzzed out discordant doom to funky stoner metal in a heart beat.

Mixing the two different styles between eight songs really gives Basic Necromancy a bigger platform to create something new and to create something more for the listener to take in. Instead of being one dimensional Basic Necromancy are a multifaceted group. They display a great ability to mix and mash two genres together that seemingly wouldn’t really fit well.

Don’t be fooled by the funky up beat psychedelia of the stoner metal that is present within this album because everything is not what it seems. Each song is funky and groovy at points but the lyrics to the music are pretty macabre. Basic Necromancy have an ability to create a rocking rhythm that will get you up and moving, but when you take a closer look at what the songs really are about they make you shudder.

None of the songs on Necessities sound a like, and for doom as a genre that can be an issue. A lot of doom can sound like one massively long song when in fact it may be an album of eight songs. Throwing in the psychedelic rock gives Basic Necromancy variety and gives them the room to experiment more with song structure and song writing.

The traditional doom stylings are ever present throughout however. You get the thick buzzing and fuzz lined riffs, a thick bass line, grooving drums and maniacal screaming, but thrown into the cauldron is also the aforementioned acid. Mixed into the bubbling, boiling rolling thunder of hate is a bit of a trip. Is it a good trip, is it a bad trip? The dark and twisting lyrics coupled with the rumbling doom riffs dictate that it will be a nightmare of a trip, but coupled with the nightmarish qualities is also the stoner rock elements of the music.

Having that extra psychedelic touch to the music makes for an interesting ride. One moment you could be listening to discordant doom and the next Basic Necromancy flips a switch and begins to ladle out hard rocking rhythms and unorthodox grooves. Each riff hits hard either slowly torturing you with  slow doom stylings, or beating you over the head with a boulder with the heavy harder rocking stoner rock elements. Over top the music are frightening shrieks that adds further grimness to the music.

Necessities mixes both stoner rock and doom very well, and Basic Necromancy stirs the cauldron of doom into a frenzy. This debut is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg, and the jumping off point for even more nightmare inducing metal to be made. Overall, Necessities is a great album no matter whether you are in the mood for doom, stoner metal, a good headbanging time, or just something to completely darken your day.

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