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Torchia: Ending Beginning

October 12, 2015

Cover front (2) Death metal doesn’t have to be just about pummeling drums, firestorm riffs, and ultra guttural vocals all the time. There needs to be some sort of melody to balance out the crazy death metal onslaught. With that being said, Finland’s own Torchia play melodic death metal, and with their three track EP Ending Beginning they display a tremendous amount of melody with hard hitting death metal. The band marries chaotic death metal with a more refined style of play reigning in the chaos at times to create memorable melodic music without sacrificing any of the blistering death.

With only three songs portrayed on Ending Beginning there’s not a whole hell of a lot to go off of. Each song is pretty substantial in length however and have a great mixture of those writhing punishing riffs that we all love and enjoy in death metal, as well as the more thought provoking riffs that really set a different tone.

From the beginning of the title track-which just so happens to be the first track on this EP-Torchia set the tone straight away. They never sugar coat what they are about, or beat around the bush, instead they beat you upside the head with a punishing assault of death metal.

Other than mixing the standard blasting death metal with a more melodic take on things, Torchia does a great job at creating music that is memorable and highly catchy. If you don’t catch yourself playing the air guitar through out this entire release then you may not be human. The urge to break out in neck snapping fervor, and air guitar playing lunacy is strong within Ending Beginning.

While this may not be a massively long release, it certainly is memorable. Torchia is a riff factory pumping out heavy crunching riff after heavy crunching riff. Other than the fiery frets and the occasional finger bursting solo, the drums blast and hammer away at your face until you are a bleeding mess, as the bass rumbles away in the background. Atop of the tight musicianship, the vocals range from a gravely mid to a subterranean growl. Each song is fluid, blistering fast and has that perfect touch of melody to them. The entire EP runs smooth and never skips a beat. Ending Beginning is a great starting point for Torchia, and this short but oh so sweet EP is meant to be enjoyed by rabid melo-death fans.

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