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Highburnator: The Clambake Doesn’t Stop

October 13, 2015

a2947137688_16 Weed and metal have been married a very long time as marijuana has been a very relevant drug in the genre for as long as anyone can remember. Perhaps they are too high to remember? Either way, weed has been very relevant for years. Highburnator take full advantage of weed and the fact that it’s been a driving force for creativity since as long as anyone can remember, or not remember since most of them may have hit it a little too hard. Either way you blaze it, Highburnator play stoner metal and their ethos is exactly that. Being stoners and playing stoner metal makes complete sense, and with that combination you end up creating something like Highburnator.

There are three total songs on The Clambake Doesn’t Stop and each one sounds just as stony as the last. At least an inch of residue will rub off on your fingers after pressing play. Each song is lined with a fuzz that is just thick enough to rattle your bones out of your skin.

The bear on the cover of the album aptly depicts what the music inside sounds like. The Clambake Doesn’t Stop is thick, and roars just like a grizzly. Every song on this release hits hard, nothing here is sugar coated. In general stoner metal is more fluid and transports you to the outer reaches of space, but with Highburnator they take heavy, and amplify it ten times.

This three track release chugs along with the best of them, and it isn’t like Highburnator don’t transport you somewhere new and foreign because they do. The only difference is they transport you to a land where marijuana grows freely, you can roll a joint in public without being judged, you can take a huge bong rip when you are driving and not get pulled over and you can smoke as much as you want without any repercussions.

So, instead of space, you get burnt and think you are in space, and all of that begins with the funky and equally heavy buzzed out riffs. Each riff chugs, gallops, and to add another wrinkle in the fold there are a few guitar solos. Along with the brain jarring buzzing, the drums are dissonant creating smooth rhythms and silky soundscapes, as the obese bass thunders along. The vocals provided switch between more of a gravely scream to a bear like growl (bear pun intended). The grizzly growls could fit anywhere. They could fit in death metal, doom and genres in between, but they fit here the best and amplify the gritty and noisy sound even more.

With such a brief release, Highburnator establish a great stoner metal and sludge filled sound. It is hard rocking, buzz filled, heavy, and entirely groovy. The Clambake Doesn’t Stop is a great jumping off point, and things can only get even more bear like and stony from here.

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