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Xul: Malignance

October 13, 2015

xul_cover Sporting a brand new cover, Xul will be re-releasing their debut effort Malignance through Redefining Darkness Records at the very end of October. Malignance was originally released in 2012, which garnered Xul plenty of attention. All of the accolades and attention thrown their way was very warranted and well deserved. With their unique style of blackened death metal, Xul has risen to the top and is a household name among metal heads everywhere. Their technicality and superb musical talents launched them into the heavy metal stratosphere and with Malignance coming out in 2012 it only launched them on a crash course in heavy metal infamy.

There are many technical bands out there, each of them well rehearsed, tight and versatile, but what separates Xul from the pack is the fact that they aren’t just incredibly technical, they also possess an innate ability to play at mach one and still be melodic. There are a lot of bands that are pin point accurate in little microscopic detail that they do, but the overall sound can sound like a train hitting a truck. It can be all too dizzying at times and disorienting, but what Xul does very well is reign that technicality in and don’t cross that line between melodic and completely chaotic.

In fact Xul is chaotic in a completely different sense. Yes the music is blistering and intense and there are a lot of different elements at work to create such a sound yet they are controlled chaos. There are moments of unhinged firestorms, but that all is defined and accurate.

Malignance is a nine track hurricane of pure metal and a want and desire to create something that is entirely soul piercing. To be able to shred human life to pieces with music alone is a bold and almost reckless statement, yet Xul seem to accomplish just that with their debut Malignance.

Through and through Malignance bleeds the black blood of metal and everything metal is the very ethos of Xul. There is no time for breathing within these nine songs in which you are presented, in fact the only “breather” you get is the track titled Winter’s Reign which is an instrumental that incorporates an orchestra and what sounds like the back up singing of a choir. And even Winter’s Reign isn’t that much of a break from this hellish onslaught.

From the very first note of the very first song on Malignance you are instantly grabbed by the clammy claw of the space overlord from which you are never relinquished. As the grip tightens you begin to hear bones crack, you gasp for air as you begin to suffocate, you try to cry out for help but in the end you understand it is useless as you slip into a darkness letting death take you on its blackened wings. Malignance pummels you, tears and claws at your body so much that you never really have time to prepare for the cranium caving that you receive throughout the listen.

Each song is gargantuan squashing you under its foot like an insect as the riffs lash out like a whip, and the drums blast away at your psyche shattering any sanity that you could possibly have left. Behind the volcanic metal eruption the bass provides an earthquake like rumble. On top of the sharp musicianship the vocalist switches between an almost old school style growl to a grimy crusty scream.

Each instrument and each vocal works together to create a tour de force that is only to be feared. Xul plays at a mind warping pace to say the least, one that scrambles your atoms and makes you dissipate into thin air. Every song is break neck, impressively accurate and very well crafted. If I gave ratings at this site I’d give it over ten stars, but since I don’t I can only say, Malignance isn’t something to be skipped over and neither is Xul, and neither are meant to be taken lightly either. Just prepare for a cranium erupting experience, and even though your head may explode, you’ll die happy.

The re-release comes out through Redefining Darkness Records on October 30th.

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