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Revolted Masses: Age of Descent

October 15, 2015

RM_cover By way of Athens, Greece comes Revolted Masses and their new effort Age of Descent. The majority of their music focuses on politics, but even then it doesn’t skimp on the brutality. Revolted Masses mixes thrash with death metal with interesting touches of oriental music that is tastefully injected into the metal fold. Eleven songs make a very harsh and very abrupt entrance on Age of Descent.  Each track is plenty long as well as captivating not only by their sheer power but also by the fluidity of the songs as well as the precision and execution of said songs.

From the launch of the opening track Slave to the Media, Revolted Masses make it very clear that their goal is to make you listen and pay attention and hang on every word they scream and every note they play. As they begin strapping you in to their anti-propaganda chair, crank the head restraint tight you realize that you are in for a ride.

All throughout Age of Descent the musicianship is dynamic. The mix of death metal and thrash creates for something altogether mind boggling. As mentioned above, Revolted Masses play at an incredibly blistering pace, one that boils the blood and makes your skin bubble. The fiery style of play borders on the very thin line of chaos and control and that line would be controlled chaos and that is the most apt way of describing the type of music that these gentlemen play. They could fly off the hinges at any moment, but instead this brand of scalding metal is refined and executed very expertly.

The only interlude that this album possesses is Severed Aphrodite which gives way to another punishing track titled Matricide which sports some of the oriental elements that were mentioned above. Severed Aphrodite gives you a break a little over half way through Age of Descent and gives you a fresh change of pace, as each song before it and each song after are a wholly punishing and devastating experience.

There is nothing quite like being beaten over the head with a two ton brick of metal to pile drive a point home. That brick of metal happens to be Age of Descent and they thoroughly cave your head in with stomping riffs, brain mashing blasts from the drum section, a ripping bass and vocal chord bursting vocals. Each riff is layered with more riffs and even more riffs after that. Some of them are bouncing devastating romps, some are chugging nightmares, while other are there to purely shred and to top those of are phalange flaying guitar solos. To match the riff acrobatics is an equally acrobatic and tumultuous performance from the drummer who creates a crater sized hole in your chest once you are done listening to the entirety of Age of Descent. Layered on top of the annihilating musicianship are the powerful vocals which transition between raspy screams to throaty gravely growls.

Age of Descent is an eleven track onslaught, one that comes at you in a blistering fury and is entirely relentless until it is all over and done with. The musicianship is great as the dual guitars are dizzying, the drums pound away and the vocals tear and shred at what is left of your ear drums. Wrap your head around Age of Descent and all it has to offer, as it is a great listen for anyone who wants to have their mind warped out of their skull.

Age of Descent comes out all over Europe on November 13th through Inverse Records. 

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