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Beating Dead Meat: A Rude Awakening

October 16, 2015

11986986_1025154584174584_8586962784867728266_n Beating Dead Meat sounds exactly like what death metal should do after it has killed you. That is what death metal should be about, hence the genre death metal. As a genre it is suppose to make you feel something pure and visceral, and it is suppose to make you feel like you’ve been through the ringer more than once. And after a few ringers death metal is meant to beat you some more, therefore the name Beating Dead Meat comes in. Beating Dead Meat hails from Finland and in case you were wondering they play death metal. Their eight track album is titled A Rude Awakening and the title of the album pretty much sums up what the album is about.

After being violently shaken and thrown from your regular every day life, Beating Dead Meat keep beating your lifeless brain into action. A very heavy metal wake up call is what A Rude Awakening is and it never stops throughout eight blistering songs.

Even though the majority of the songs presented on this album are of the faster paced romping variety, there are a couple of songs that slow it down a tiny bit to become a more stomping chugging death metal slaughterhouse. It isn’t like the songs slow down to something like doom, they just slow down toward a more mid paced beating.

Other than the couple of songs that are more in the chugging concrete breaking vein, the rest abide by the usual hammer away first ask questions later rule. If you were looking for frills, or anything else to work its way into this tight knit death metal group, you would be looking in the wrong place. There is nothing else, no other genres nothing that works its way into the primary focus of straight up death metal brutality.

Not only does Beating Dead Meat display great ability in being able to play at blinding speeds, but they keep everything tight and in check as well. They keep the riffs in line, the drumming is accurate and they even throw in a few guitar solos just to mix it up. The instrumentation is great as there is nothing that seems to be out of place all throughout the album and the structure of the album is well put together as well.

Each riff is fired at you like a machine gun, the drums blast and hatchet their way through your skull as the bass shakes your brain leaving it to be permanently bruised. All of those elements are constants as are the vocals that are screamed and belted out with the best of them. The vocalists throat has to be raw after such a gravely performance, and that gravely screech fits the rest of the music very well.

As a whole, A Rude Awakening is a well executed and well performed album hitting all of the death metal nerves that would render one helpless. But as far as death metal goes those nerves are something that you want to be hit, and Beating Dead Meat hit those death metal nerves.

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