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"Blasphemer, Heretic, Defiler of the Sacred Ones. Thou art Deprived of Your Limbs. Thy Nose Shall be Split. Thou art Cast Down and Overthrown."-Cast Down The Heretic by Nile

Grilled Human Brain: Horrific Subjugation

October 20, 2015

a1844210146_16 Maybe some of you would think that sixteen minutes isn’t nearly enough time to be tortured, but you would be wrong. Grilled Human Brain hails from the most sickening and perverted reaches of Italy to bring you Horrific Subjugation. Slam as a genre is most notorious for gruesome lyrics and a complete bludgeoning style of play. And much like the rest of heavy metal, slam doesn’t take itself entirely seriously. Slam is overtly gory, grotesque and is here to shock and induce vomiting. And while you are spewing putrid chunks of bile and last night’s dinner, Grilled Human Brain is standing over you with a mallet smashing you over the head.

After smashing your wonderfully bright pink brain, Grilled Human Brain feasts on your remains. Showing no remorse, Grilled Human Brain and their album Horrific Subjugation dig right in gorging on your sickeningly diseased skin and putrid flesh. The more rancid you are the better, and the slower the kill and torture the more satisfying.

Slam has been a mainstay now in heavy metal for a decade or more whether you like it or not, and the slam genre is not about to bow out any time soon either. With its quickening rise to popularity, slam has made a name for itself as a whole over the past few years. At first the genre was hidden away like that red headed step child that you like to beat over the cranium with a two by four, but now it is out in the light and there is nothing you can do to stop its rampage.

Grilled Human Brain joins that rampage and the ever growing existence of slam. Born once as a putrid and vile creature, the genre has grown into something completely respectable. As big as it is now, it will only grow bigger, and it will only devour more victims.

Grilled Human Brain has only joined the ranks recently however. And as a new inductee, they follow a pretty standard formula. Throughout the sixteen minute torture session, you don’t exactly hear anything that is new or fresh. As a matter of fact, everything that is brought forth to you is pretty standard.

Even though the music is pretty standard, that is just enough to get anyone that is remotely involved or interested in slam to check the album out. “Horrific Subjugation” doesn’t have to revolutionary to garner attention, it just has to be heavy and intestine lacerating and that is the exact formula that Grilled Human Brain follows.

Throughout the entirety of Horrific Subjugation there are completely down tuned riffs, violent slams, slaughtering rhythms, skull cracking bass lines and organ rupturing vocals. Everything that is needed within a slam release is present here, and anyone that is a fan of slam would be foolish not to have this on their shelf.

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