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"Blasphemer, Heretic, Defiler of the Sacred Ones. Thou art Deprived of Your Limbs. Thy Nose Shall be Split. Thou art Cast Down and Overthrown."-Cast Down The Heretic by Nile

Hypoxia: Despondent Death

October 20, 2015

a3977269649_16 Cannibal Corpse, Suffocation among others started something that was quite revolutionary for metal at the time. Twenty plus years ago no one realized that brutal death metal as a genre would expand quite as big as it has. And with that being said, here we are some twenty plus years later and brutal death metal is still very much alive and breathing. Hypoxia hail from New York and play a visceral brand of old school brutal death metal. The style of brutal death that they play is reminiscent of the bands that began the genre, and Hypoxia waves that old school brutal death banner very high.

If you like interludes or fillers, then you had better look elsewhere since there are no frills and or fillers present within Despondent Death. From beginning to end Despondent Death is pure brutality. Every song that is featured on this release is blasting and purely destructive.

Despondent Death showcases ten songs with the outro aptly titled Dismal being the most calm track in the entire album. As soon as Schizophrenic Killing begins there is nothing that you can possibly do to stop this pummeling and torturous chaos.

Despondent Death doesn’t exactly sneak up on you either, nor does it have to. It is such a brutish album that complete and overwhelming technicality isn’t needed to create such a monstrosity. In fact, Hypoxia stick to original brutal death plan and attack, shred, bloody anything that gets in its way. Now don’t get me wrong. The music is technical in its own right, but it isn’t tech death. This is straight up and down raw punishment that takes absolutely no prisoners.

Flying that unwavering flag of hatred, Hyoxia punish and bludgeon anyone or anything that opposes them. Despondent Death is reminiscent of the monster that use to hide in your closet, or the stalker that haunts you today. Hypoxia is big and brutish and they’re not afraid to flex every death metal muscle that they have. Hypoxia is that ax wielding psycho that you see standing outside of your window every night. Despondent Death is a monolith, it is a force against all forces, a slayer of false idols.

With all of their might, Hypoxia try to tear the heads off of the innocent and corrupt any souls that need corrupting. And through the course of the album, Hypoxia stay true to their roots. They never waver from the type of band that they truly are by adding elements that are entirely unnecessary. There is nothing present within Despondent Death that would muddle up what Hypoxia’s message is. Everything here is one hundred percent true and gut ripping brutal death metal.

Hypoxia realizes their conquest of the brutal death kingdom with face melting riffs, the occasional guitar solo, sledge hammer heavy drums, a bass that rips and tears at your tender flesh and vocals that sound completely monstrous. The main staple of brutal death vocals is something that is entirely guttural, and for the majority of the time can’t be understood. The powerful organ rupturing vocals of Hypoxia display some diversity as the vocals range from demolishing mids to volcanic lows.

The album runs smooth as all of the songs have the same purpose, and that purpose is to destroy your life. Hypoxia is a wrecking ball of hate destroying anything that dares to come near them, and Despondent Death as a whole is complete force to be reckoned with. So enter if you dare, see if you leave with your head on your shoulders.

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