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Forte Ruin: Self Titled EP

October 29, 2015

EP_Cover If I did my math properly and I know that I did, then that means that Finland has the most melodic death metal bands per square riff than anywhere else in the world. Now, with that being stated, Forte Ruin is a melodic death metal band from Lahti, Finland and they recently released their self titled EP. Within this self titled EP of theirs you can find and will find three very well written and executed tracks. For only coming around in 2011 they sound as though they are seasoned veterans. Within the self titled release, they take a genre and twist it and bend it to their will to create a unique sound all their own.

There are many melodic death metal bands out there now, and Forte Ruin have joined the cage match of melodic death supremacy. While they have a long way to the title fight, their self titled EP is not a bad offering what so ever.

From the very beginning of the EP you quickly realize that Forte Ruin is not here to play and they are not here just to be a flash in the pan. They lay all of their cards on the table and leave nothing unsaid, and leave no punches pulled.

Not only can this release knock you back on your hind quarters, it can also enchant you and suck you in. At the very end of this offering, you feel and know that you need more as three songs are not enough to satisfy your melodic death metal hunger pains. Once you hear the closing track Enter the Masquerade ends you quickly feel the need to press play again.

The only thing on this release that was recorded in a studio were the drums, which means that everything else was recorded by the band themselves, and that within itself is great because the production is crisp and clean. Every aspect of this album is executed very excellently, no detail is looked over and nothing feels forced as Forte Ruin as a whole has mastered their craft. The riffs are powerful and have that death metal chugging to them when needed but the guitars also break into blistering solos that are well placed and called upon when needed. The drums pound away in a blistering fervor but never fly off the rails as the bass provides a nice back bone for each song. All the while the keyboards provide a nice atmosphere and add an extra layer to each of the three songs that ties in very well and adds an extra layer. On top of everything, the vocalist does a seamless job of switching between screams that are in the mid range and melodious cleans. Now don’t be afraid of the cleans as they are probably the most potent and dangerous part of the entire EP. They suck you in, get you to memorize the lyrics and get you to sing along. If anything you should fear these cleans, not loathe them.

Forte Ruin has crafted an excellent metal brew for you to sip on. Their self titled release is metallic, it is hard hitting, memorable and catchy. Through three songs Forte Ruin make you want more, and make you continue pressing that play button. You can headbang as well as sing until your heart is content with this EP, so I suggest you do so.

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