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Owler: Waves EP

October 31, 2015

12046677_433675990148890_8546726921881353841_n If you are looking for something to assault your ear drums, pummel your tiny brain and squash your bowels in a frenzy of metal and death, then you would be looking in the wrong place. Instead, Finnish post metal band Owler is here to assault you in an entirely different way than what you are use to. Without being a pummeling discharge of fiery flames and destruction, Owler slows things down a bit to create atmosphere which allows them to tell their story. Through four songs you get twenty-five minutes of post apocalyptic metal which you can follow a story, sing to, and head bang to all in the same EP.

Through the entirety of Waves you get a good mixture of melodious harmonies as well as that crunching riffage that everyone so craves. The very beginning of this EP begins with a song titled Throes which begins with a soulful intro that melts right into the aforementioned crunching riffs. However, even with the heavier riffs that come into play the song never breaks into death metal or thrash or anything else, it just simply sticks true to its original formula of being hard hitting as well as entirely melodic.

Waves covers a lot of different spectrums with only four songs. Each song is melodic, symphonic, packs a ton of atmosphere, has heavier riffage than what you may normally expect, has silky cleans as well as gravely growls. If you are a fan of all of those things just mentioned in the list or even just a couple, you are bound to find yourself enjoying this EP.

There is a great balance that Owler strikes between the heavy and melodic. Within the same song you will witness a smooth transition between a heavier and harder sound, and a softer more symphonic sound. The longer run times of these songs allows them to mix both the heavier elements with the more melodious ones to create a story and tell it very well.

The four songs on Waves are very well executed and crafted. Owler has an innate ability to create wonderful soundscapes and stories no matter how dark they may be. Waves tends to suck you in and engulf you in its beautiful darkness. Before you know it, you are already all the way through the EP. As mentioned before, Owler does a great job mixing a lot of different elements within their music. You can growl along, you can sing along to the sweet cleans, you can headbang to the heavy, and you can get lost in an almost dream like state through the symphonic parts. Waves has everything that you  would wish to hear, and with everything that is going on in this EP, Owler executes it perfectly. If you are wondering what post metal is all about, I would suggest starting by listening to Owler, or if you are already a fan of post metal or just metal in general, then Owler is what you need as well.

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