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"Blasphemer, Heretic, Defiler of the Sacred Ones. Thou art Deprived of Your Limbs. Thy Nose Shall be Split. Thou art Cast Down and Overthrown."-Cast Down The Heretic by Nile

Revolted Masses: Age of Descent

October 15, 2015

RM_cover By way of Athens, Greece comes Revolted Masses and their new effort Age of Descent. The majority of their music focuses on politics, but even then it doesn’t skimp on the brutality. Revolted Masses mixes thrash with death metal with interesting touches of oriental music that is tastefully injected into the metal fold. Eleven songs make a very harsh and very abrupt entrance on Age of Descent.  Each track is plenty long as well as captivating not only by their sheer power but also by the fluidity of the songs as well as the precision and execution of said songs.

From the launch of the opening track Slave to the Media, Revolted Masses make it very clear that their goal is to make you listen and pay attention and hang on every word they scream and every note they play. As they begin strapping you in to their anti-propaganda chair, crank the head restraint tight you realize that you are in for a ride.

All throughout Age of Descent the musicianship is dynamic. The mix of death metal and thrash creates for something altogether mind boggling. As mentioned above, Revolted Masses play at an incredibly blistering pace, one that boils the blood and makes your skin bubble. The fiery style of play borders on the very thin line of chaos and control and that line would be controlled chaos and that is the most apt way of describing the type of music that these gentlemen play. They could fly off the hinges at any moment, but instead this brand of scalding metal is refined and executed very expertly.

The only interlude that this album possesses is Severed Aphrodite which gives way to another punishing track titled Matricide which sports some of the oriental elements that were mentioned above. Severed Aphrodite gives you a break a little over half way through Age of Descent and gives you a fresh change of pace, as each song before it and each song after are a wholly punishing and devastating experience.

There is nothing quite like being beaten over the head with a two ton brick of metal to pile drive a point home. That brick of metal happens to be Age of Descent and they thoroughly cave your head in with stomping riffs, brain mashing blasts from the drum section, a ripping bass and vocal chord bursting vocals. Each riff is layered with more riffs and even more riffs after that. Some of them are bouncing devastating romps, some are chugging nightmares, while other are there to purely shred and to top those of are phalange flaying guitar solos. To match the riff acrobatics is an equally acrobatic and tumultuous performance from the drummer who creates a crater sized hole in your chest once you are done listening to the entirety of Age of Descent. Layered on top of the annihilating musicianship are the powerful vocals which transition between raspy screams to throaty gravely growls.

Age of Descent is an eleven track onslaught, one that comes at you in a blistering fury and is entirely relentless until it is all over and done with. The musicianship is great as the dual guitars are dizzying, the drums pound away and the vocals tear and shred at what is left of your ear drums. Wrap your head around Age of Descent and all it has to offer, as it is a great listen for anyone who wants to have their mind warped out of their skull.

Age of Descent comes out all over Europe on November 13th through Inverse Records. 


Haiduk: Demonicon

October 15, 2015

Haiduk_Demonicon_cover_large Someone who says that Canadians are nice all the time probably hasn’t heard Haiduk. Haiduk is a one man band that hails from Calgary, Alberta, Canada and Demonicon is his newest sacrifice. Demonicon offers nine tracks of blazing black hell fire metal. Mixed in with all of this darkness is some scorching death metal but that death metal tinge takes a bit of a back seat to the blackened goodness that you become hit square in the chest with.

The opener Syth is as close as you will end up getting to a serene and almost calm, atmospheric vibe upon listening to Demonicon. Right after Syth the album begins to roll and sooner rather than later it becomes unstoppable and completely unstable.

As black as you like your black metal and as dark as you would wish it to be, Haiduk answers every call. In the blink of an eye the album rips you apart and mutilates your entire being, ravaging your psyche and turning you from a good hard working samaritan into a life loathing goat sacrificing heathen.

Demonicon is essentially the only title you really need to read in order to understand what Haiduk and the album is all about. Every sound, every riff, every rhythm is entirely covered is sulphuric and molten darkness. Unlike the Necronomicon which is used to raise the dead, Demonicon is used to raise evil from the depths of hell and set the world ablaze and eradicate all life.

Every song lashes out at you, hooking you with its cold clawed hand. Dragging you into the depths of hell, Demonicon tortures you slowly from the inside out. The music is bone chilling, aggressive, and pummels you within a centimeter of your life. Through and through, there is nothing present on this album that can’t be said it was created with a visceral hatred.

Through crafty spell binding riffs Demonicon conjures its own evil summoning creatures from the farthest reaches of the earth. Each riff emits a poisonous fog suffocating you and boiling your lungs as the drums crash down upon you as the heavy weight of pure madness shrouds you in utter bleakness and the bass rumbles along like rolling thunder. On top of the precise musicianship are truly sinister roars that make you believe that a man could not have possibly emitted such sounds.

Haiduk and his new release Demonicon are destroyers of hope and the bringers of darkness. And if you like ever darkening skies and a complete shattered sense of reality only to have Satan come from the depths of hell to rule the world, then Haiduk is the band for you.

Systematic Sickness Kin: Code Zero

October 14, 2015

a2423369706_16 When Systematic Sickness Kin was brought to my attention they were described as thrash and thrash alone. My thoughts when reading that it was thrash was that it would be an ode to old school thrash, something that sported the traditional musicianship with the traditional angst filled scream of thrash. But upon listening to the very first minute of the opener Never Trust the Signs all of my thrash biases were dashed. The thrash attack here really is just that, an attack. However, thrash isn’t the only genre here as Systematic Sickness Kin inject this brain bubbling thrash firestorm with romping and stomping death metal.

Code Zero was released some months ago in July by Systematic Sickness Kin. This EP features six songs that blister, tear, shred and incinerate. Traditional thrash isn’t really a theme here, as this is far off from the beaten thrash path of their predecessors. Infusing death metal, these Finnish metal warlords create something that is entirely punishing.

Not only does this EP slice your face off, it provides a hint of eerie ambiance as well. There is just something about each song and the samples that they provide that is sinister and creepy all at the same time. Suffocating begins to describe Code Zero as that is the best word to accurately describe this release.

Without room to gasp for air, Code Zero is the equivalent of a plastic bag being draped over your head and held there for you until you turn purple and die. Without anything more than some samples to split up each song, there is absolutely zero breathing room.

Systematic Sickness Kin take a ground and pound approach to this release. Nothing here needs to be melodic or atmospheric as that would be the very last thing that you will be thinking of upon listening to Code Zero. Instead, Code Zero beats you within an inch of your life with aluminum bats and punches to the kidneys and to the jugular.

From Never Trust the Signs to the closer Inhaling the Shards, Code Zero is packed to its bursting point with stomping chugging riffs, a blood boiling bass, fully chaotic drumming and gravely growls and thrown into the middle of each song are blazingly good and well executed solos. Systematic Sickness Kin have an uncanny ability to combine death metal with thrash. The thrash elements create a thunderstorm of noise and discord while the incorporation of death metal leaves you full of hatchet wounds. Every song bleeds into the next while simultaneously making you bleed. Code Zero is choppy, discordant, and oh so heavy.

Generally an EP is three or four songs long, but Systematic Sickness Kin provide you with almost an album’s worth of material, and within these six songs you begin to realize what it feels like to be thrown around the room by a bear. Code Zero is heavy, so prepare your skull for the trauma that it is about to experience.

Xul: Malignance

October 13, 2015

xul_cover Sporting a brand new cover, Xul will be re-releasing their debut effort Malignance through Redefining Darkness Records at the very end of October. Malignance was originally released in 2012, which garnered Xul plenty of attention. All of the accolades and attention thrown their way was very warranted and well deserved. With their unique style of blackened death metal, Xul has risen to the top and is a household name among metal heads everywhere. Their technicality and superb musical talents launched them into the heavy metal stratosphere and with Malignance coming out in 2012 it only launched them on a crash course in heavy metal infamy.

There are many technical bands out there, each of them well rehearsed, tight and versatile, but what separates Xul from the pack is the fact that they aren’t just incredibly technical, they also possess an innate ability to play at mach one and still be melodic. There are a lot of bands that are pin point accurate in little microscopic detail that they do, but the overall sound can sound like a train hitting a truck. It can be all too dizzying at times and disorienting, but what Xul does very well is reign that technicality in and don’t cross that line between melodic and completely chaotic.

In fact Xul is chaotic in a completely different sense. Yes the music is blistering and intense and there are a lot of different elements at work to create such a sound yet they are controlled chaos. There are moments of unhinged firestorms, but that all is defined and accurate.

Malignance is a nine track hurricane of pure metal and a want and desire to create something that is entirely soul piercing. To be able to shred human life to pieces with music alone is a bold and almost reckless statement, yet Xul seem to accomplish just that with their debut Malignance.

Through and through Malignance bleeds the black blood of metal and everything metal is the very ethos of Xul. There is no time for breathing within these nine songs in which you are presented, in fact the only “breather” you get is the track titled Winter’s Reign which is an instrumental that incorporates an orchestra and what sounds like the back up singing of a choir. And even Winter’s Reign isn’t that much of a break from this hellish onslaught.

From the very first note of the very first song on Malignance you are instantly grabbed by the clammy claw of the space overlord from which you are never relinquished. As the grip tightens you begin to hear bones crack, you gasp for air as you begin to suffocate, you try to cry out for help but in the end you understand it is useless as you slip into a darkness letting death take you on its blackened wings. Malignance pummels you, tears and claws at your body so much that you never really have time to prepare for the cranium caving that you receive throughout the listen.

Each song is gargantuan squashing you under its foot like an insect as the riffs lash out like a whip, and the drums blast away at your psyche shattering any sanity that you could possibly have left. Behind the volcanic metal eruption the bass provides an earthquake like rumble. On top of the sharp musicianship the vocalist switches between an almost old school style growl to a grimy crusty scream.

Each instrument and each vocal works together to create a tour de force that is only to be feared. Xul plays at a mind warping pace to say the least, one that scrambles your atoms and makes you dissipate into thin air. Every song is break neck, impressively accurate and very well crafted. If I gave ratings at this site I’d give it over ten stars, but since I don’t I can only say, Malignance isn’t something to be skipped over and neither is Xul, and neither are meant to be taken lightly either. Just prepare for a cranium erupting experience, and even though your head may explode, you’ll die happy.

The re-release comes out through Redefining Darkness Records on October 30th.

Highburnator: The Clambake Doesn’t Stop

October 13, 2015

a2947137688_16 Weed and metal have been married a very long time as marijuana has been a very relevant drug in the genre for as long as anyone can remember. Perhaps they are too high to remember? Either way, weed has been very relevant for years. Highburnator take full advantage of weed and the fact that it’s been a driving force for creativity since as long as anyone can remember, or not remember since most of them may have hit it a little too hard. Either way you blaze it, Highburnator play stoner metal and their ethos is exactly that. Being stoners and playing stoner metal makes complete sense, and with that combination you end up creating something like Highburnator.

There are three total songs on The Clambake Doesn’t Stop and each one sounds just as stony as the last. At least an inch of residue will rub off on your fingers after pressing play. Each song is lined with a fuzz that is just thick enough to rattle your bones out of your skin.

The bear on the cover of the album aptly depicts what the music inside sounds like. The Clambake Doesn’t Stop is thick, and roars just like a grizzly. Every song on this release hits hard, nothing here is sugar coated. In general stoner metal is more fluid and transports you to the outer reaches of space, but with Highburnator they take heavy, and amplify it ten times.

This three track release chugs along with the best of them, and it isn’t like Highburnator don’t transport you somewhere new and foreign because they do. The only difference is they transport you to a land where marijuana grows freely, you can roll a joint in public without being judged, you can take a huge bong rip when you are driving and not get pulled over and you can smoke as much as you want without any repercussions.

So, instead of space, you get burnt and think you are in space, and all of that begins with the funky and equally heavy buzzed out riffs. Each riff chugs, gallops, and to add another wrinkle in the fold there are a few guitar solos. Along with the brain jarring buzzing, the drums are dissonant creating smooth rhythms and silky soundscapes, as the obese bass thunders along. The vocals provided switch between more of a gravely scream to a bear like growl (bear pun intended). The grizzly growls could fit anywhere. They could fit in death metal, doom and genres in between, but they fit here the best and amplify the gritty and noisy sound even more.

With such a brief release, Highburnator establish a great stoner metal and sludge filled sound. It is hard rocking, buzz filled, heavy, and entirely groovy. The Clambake Doesn’t Stop is a great jumping off point, and things can only get even more bear like and stony from here.

Torchia: Ending Beginning

October 12, 2015

Cover front (2) Death metal doesn’t have to be just about pummeling drums, firestorm riffs, and ultra guttural vocals all the time. There needs to be some sort of melody to balance out the crazy death metal onslaught. With that being said, Finland’s own Torchia play melodic death metal, and with their three track EP Ending Beginning they display a tremendous amount of melody with hard hitting death metal. The band marries chaotic death metal with a more refined style of play reigning in the chaos at times to create memorable melodic music without sacrificing any of the blistering death.

With only three songs portrayed on Ending Beginning there’s not a whole hell of a lot to go off of. Each song is pretty substantial in length however and have a great mixture of those writhing punishing riffs that we all love and enjoy in death metal, as well as the more thought provoking riffs that really set a different tone.

From the beginning of the title track-which just so happens to be the first track on this EP-Torchia set the tone straight away. They never sugar coat what they are about, or beat around the bush, instead they beat you upside the head with a punishing assault of death metal.

Other than mixing the standard blasting death metal with a more melodic take on things, Torchia does a great job at creating music that is memorable and highly catchy. If you don’t catch yourself playing the air guitar through out this entire release then you may not be human. The urge to break out in neck snapping fervor, and air guitar playing lunacy is strong within Ending Beginning.

While this may not be a massively long release, it certainly is memorable. Torchia is a riff factory pumping out heavy crunching riff after heavy crunching riff. Other than the fiery frets and the occasional finger bursting solo, the drums blast and hammer away at your face until you are a bleeding mess, as the bass rumbles away in the background. Atop of the tight musicianship, the vocals range from a gravely mid to a subterranean growl. Each song is fluid, blistering fast and has that perfect touch of melody to them. The entire EP runs smooth and never skips a beat. Ending Beginning is a great starting point for Torchia, and this short but oh so sweet EP is meant to be enjoyed by rabid melo-death fans.

Monday Morning Mayhem

October 11, 2015

Who likes listening to the radio and all of the garbage that they play in the morning? Your answer better not be “I do”. If you want something more, if you want a good variation of music then Monday Morning Mayhem is here for you. The first three installments can be found here as well as at this location at the third will be here. This is the fourth installment which will hopefully help you have a better Monday. So drink some strong coffee and headbang the day away!


a1484277583_16 The first band that will help you shake the cobwebs loose on a Monday morning is Swamp Ritual.They mainly will help shake the webs loose because of their fuzzed out distorted riffs. Hailing from Montana, Swamp Ritual play an incredibly fuzzy brand of doom and stoner rock. This is their first full length titled Ritual Rising which features six songs. It’s pretty cliche to say that a band takes you on a trip now, but Swamp Ritual does their best to take you to the outer reaches of space and back. They have an almost relaxing calm vibe about them. While listening you never feel bombarded with noises, riffs or anything for that matter. Swamp Ritual is fluid, groovy, very heavy and the skull numbing riffs are an undeniable force. Swamp Ritual ladle out groovy silky smooth riffs as if they were going out of style. In the midst of these fuzz lined riffs are some great guitar solos, an incredibly thick bass, and almost hypnotic vocals. Swamp Ritual switches from cranium rattling doom to groovy and funky stoner rock with ease. They mix these two elements in their swamp water very well to create a murky and thick sound. This debut shakes, shivers, grooves and slithers all over the place and is certainly an album that knows how to make you get up and move.


a0367788693_16 Having some eye catching artwork is always a must, and Cartilage certainly nailed it with theirs. And just by looking at the art work you can almost conclude that you will be in for quite the ride, and if that is what you concluded then you would be right. Starting the three track release off with Cannot Stop the Clot you are immediately pile driven back into your seat and forced to hold on for your life. Each song is gore soaked, blistering, brain flaying and an organ cooking good time. I’d have to assume experiencing brain trauma isn’t very fun, but when you get to headbang having your brain bounce around in your skull until your head falls off; now that sounds like the kind of brain trauma that you would want. Nothing here at all is sugar coated, in fact it is entrail and viscera coated. Cartilage is such a sonic assault that  there is quite literally nothing you can do to prepare yourself. The riffs are massive and as brutal as you would like them to be, the drumming is blistering and pummeling and the vocals are throat shredding as they bounce around from very crusty shrieks to devastating gutturals. Once you stumble upon It’s Necrotic and happen to listen to it, you’re in for the long haul as there is no escaping, and there is no denying that this is one fuck of a listen. The musicianship and talent that they display is tremendous, the vocalist seems to rip is throat out every track and each song is just as bloody and blasphemous as the one that came before.


a3620313937_16 The Clearing Path is a one man band hailing from the depths of Italy. Watershed Between Earth and Firmament is a blistering six track album. It is dark, thought provoking, bleak and incredibly noisy, but more than all of that it is a good listen. The songs are long, but before you know it you’ve ran through each of them and you’re ready for another go around. The overall sense that you do get from this release is the bleakness and the brooding darkness, but more than that you get something that is entirely emotional as well. All of the elements that have already been listed create an interesting and unique listen. Not everything on this album is a blistering assault of black metal as the music does slow down at parts to create a sense of atmosphere, and for the majority of the time that atmosphere is almost depressing that is tinged with a sense of anger and hate. As the serpentine riffs lash out, the drums pound away at your soul and the vocals shred your ears. The vocals on Watershed Between Earth and Firmament are of the typical banshee screech variety that is so well known in black metal. Overall, this release gives you the normal staple of black metal as well as a different more emotional side of the genre as well which creates for a great overall sound and listen.


a0787350795_16 Everyone needs some thrash in their life, and Inkvisitor is here to supply a healthy dosing of that for you. Inkvisitor hails from Finland and Doctrine of Damnation is their debut album. Doctrine of Damnation features ten blazingly fast and relentless songs. Inkvisitor seems to be here for one reason, and that reason is to have you headbang until your little heart is content, and they do exactly that. They make you get up and move, mosh around, twist your neck in a thrashing frenzy. As a genre, thrash has always seemed about having fun more than anything. Yes a lot of thrash bands touched on politics among other global issues, but overall it has been about having fun, and Doctrine of Damnation is exactly that. Each track sports great riffs, a thick bass line, solid and acrobatic drumming, and the vocals are that great balance between a shout and a gravely yell. Inkvisitor throw in great finger flaying guitar solos as well to hold true to that thrash attack tradition of having blazing solos. This is the type of album that you would throw on to go speeding down the highway with. Doctrine of Damnation is meant for any thrash fan or metal fan for that matter. It is a fun and great headbanging listen, one that is sure to get the blood pumping.


That concludes this weeks Monday Morning Mayhem, I hope this list as well as the others provide you with enough fire to keep you going during the dreadful Monday and always remember to keep it metal.

Basic Necromancy: Necessities

October 10, 2015

a2418927362_16 Who likes some tabs of acid in their morning cup of coffee? If you raised your hand, then you’re in for a treat. With that being said, Basic Necromancy are a psychedelic doom/stoner band from Finland and Necessities is their new release. At times Necessities can be groovy and funky and at others it can be completely bleak and abrasive. Basic Necromancy also transitions from fuzzed out discordant doom to funky stoner metal in a heart beat.

Mixing the two different styles between eight songs really gives Basic Necromancy a bigger platform to create something new and to create something more for the listener to take in. Instead of being one dimensional Basic Necromancy are a multifaceted group. They display a great ability to mix and mash two genres together that seemingly wouldn’t really fit well.

Don’t be fooled by the funky up beat psychedelia of the stoner metal that is present within this album because everything is not what it seems. Each song is funky and groovy at points but the lyrics to the music are pretty macabre. Basic Necromancy have an ability to create a rocking rhythm that will get you up and moving, but when you take a closer look at what the songs really are about they make you shudder.

None of the songs on Necessities sound a like, and for doom as a genre that can be an issue. A lot of doom can sound like one massively long song when in fact it may be an album of eight songs. Throwing in the psychedelic rock gives Basic Necromancy variety and gives them the room to experiment more with song structure and song writing.

The traditional doom stylings are ever present throughout however. You get the thick buzzing and fuzz lined riffs, a thick bass line, grooving drums and maniacal screaming, but thrown into the cauldron is also the aforementioned acid. Mixed into the bubbling, boiling rolling thunder of hate is a bit of a trip. Is it a good trip, is it a bad trip? The dark and twisting lyrics coupled with the rumbling doom riffs dictate that it will be a nightmare of a trip, but coupled with the nightmarish qualities is also the stoner rock elements of the music.

Having that extra psychedelic touch to the music makes for an interesting ride. One moment you could be listening to discordant doom and the next Basic Necromancy flips a switch and begins to ladle out hard rocking rhythms and unorthodox grooves. Each riff hits hard either slowly torturing you with  slow doom stylings, or beating you over the head with a boulder with the heavy harder rocking stoner rock elements. Over top the music are frightening shrieks that adds further grimness to the music.

Necessities mixes both stoner rock and doom very well, and Basic Necromancy stirs the cauldron of doom into a frenzy. This debut is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg, and the jumping off point for even more nightmare inducing metal to be made. Overall, Necessities is a great album no matter whether you are in the mood for doom, stoner metal, a good headbanging time, or just something to completely darken your day.

Hautajaisyo: Self Titled

October 10, 2015

Hautajaisy__-cover After having played a brand of death/thrash under the name REDEYE. After numerous demos and an EP the band changed their name to Hautajaisyo, switched all of their lyrics to Finnish and now play a completely depressing style of melodic death metal. As you can imply from the album artwork, the music isn’t brutal, it isn’t a straight forward onslaught of death metal either. The music that is within this self titled debut touches on suicide, death, sorrow and any other depressing thing you can think of.

Hautajaisyo does a great job of almost masking the depression and sorrow filled music. If you weren’t told that the music was about such macabre ideas you may not have guessed that that is what the album is truly about. They mask the melancholy melodies with harsher and more punishing melodies.

The nine songs that are present on this debut have a tendency to transition between ripping death metal and slower more melodic moments that are injected with a hint of brooding depression. This self titled debut lingers and hangs above your head like a black cloud. It follows you and makes sure that your day is just as sad and lonely as it is.

It isn’t exactly a mask that Hautajaisyo puts on, instead it is just their very particular style of play that makes it seem that the music isn’t just about the most depressing thing that you can think of. Death metal can be aggressive, it can be brutal and it can also be melancholy and morose and the melancholy and morose is what Hautajaisyo thrives on.

Displaying a more sensitive side to things and perhaps a different take on death metal gives the music a fresh breath of air. As mentioned, death metal can be depressing and it is at points, but this Finnish quartet take being depressive music to a new level. It may be a little hard to wrap your head around at first because you don’t know whether to headbang or hang yourself, and maybe you can do both at the same time.

The way that each song is displayed is in typical melodic death metal fashion. Each riff is memorable and fluid, the drumming is acrobatic without having to blast beat everything to death and the vocals aren’t guttural, instead they are of the mid to lower range variety. For the duration of this album, the riffs noticeably transition between the fast and heavy chugging of death metal, to a lighter more atmospheric riff. The drums pummel on putting on a solid performance as the bass chugs in the background.

Each of the nine songs are fluid, hard hitting and masterfully crafted. The musicianship is pin point, the production is clean and the song placement is great. Having transitioned from death/thrash to depressive death metal is a bit of a leap, but Hautajaisyo pull it off and they execute on all phases of this debut. Hautajaisyo make you want to headbang as well as lock yourself in your room and cut your sorrows away. This self titled debut is a great statement of things to come.

Hautajaisyo comes out with their self titled debut through Inverse Records on October 31st.

My Funeral: Violence Academy

October 8, 2015

a1546056396_16 Who wants to attend the Violence Academy? If your answer was “Pick me, pick me!” or something along those lines, then you are in luck. My Funeral is giving everyone a full ride to Violence Academy, and the only requirement that you have to have is to be fluent in metal. Violence Academy sports eleven songs that teach you a couple of things about violence and completely aggressive writhing metal. My Funeral plays thrash metal that is coupled with hints of death metal here and there. Thrash isn’t generally as gore riddled as My Funeral is, but they do a good job in bleeding every corpse dry that they’ve acquired over the years.

Everything about thrash that everyone loves and holds dear to their sordid hearts is present here. There is no mindless thrashing however as the music is refined and has plenty of groove to it. Each song is tight as the musicianship is completely on point, and I have to assume that at some point the dual attack of these riff wizards’ guitars burst into flames in the making of this album.

As a genre thrash has never really progressed in any direction, it has stayed stagnant for years never really introducing anything fresh. For the most part the music has been relatively the same as it generally deals with politics, world issues among other things, so to see a band like My Funeral incorporate gore and overt violence into their music is a fresh breath of stench filled death.

With that being said, Violence Academy isn’t a gore filled and entrail packed album, instead it has sprinkles of those elements. My Funeral have the typical thrash songs that portray things like partying until you die, thrashing on grave sites, and being too drunk to thrash, and even those songs have a twist of death to them of course. Not every song is straight death metal or thrash metal, instead each song is a good balance between death and thrash.

The songs are typically longer leaving My Funeral enough time to really teach you about violence with routine beatings to the cranium with a wooden bat. As your skull is being shattered your neck becomes contorted and twisted with the massive amounts of head banging that ensues as soon as you press play.

Each riff and each fret is calculated and burning and when they are all put together they make for a writhing pulsing mosh. The drummer having probably gone through two kits during the recording process thrashes and beats the drums within an inch of its life as the bass lashes your ear drums and rumbles along behind the guitars and thrashing drums. On top of all of the bombastic musicianship the vocalist belts out gravely shouts and at certain points lets out throat scraping mids.

The mixture of death with the bombast and catchy rhythms of death, My Funeral pull no punches with Violence Academy. A lesson in violence is a lesson that is well taught with these eleven tracks that are forced down your gullet. If you like to head bang, mosh, and be as destructive as possible, then My Funeral is a great choice. Be sure to prepare yourself for a neck twisting thrash attack, because afterward you may not even have a head for your neck to support.

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