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Silent Line: Shattered Shores

November 1, 2015

11217185_10153554477256855_8421855481413734005_n Silent Line hails from Edmonton/Bonnyville and play some melodic death metal. Shattered Shores is their newest release which happens to be their first crack at a concept album. The band states that Shattered Shores follows one person as they roam around an island that they have become stranded on completely unaware of how they ended up on said island. Shattered Shores has more of a melancholic feel to it as the story plays out which is what the band intended this album to sound like. However, through all of the gloom and despair there are glimmers of light and hope throughout.

Starting the ten track concept album with Frost of the Night you get a feeling of what the entire album is really about and what the rest of the album will feel and sound like. To their sonic death metal assault, Silent Line also throws some symphonic and atmospheric elements into the music which further enhances their story telling ability as well as enhancing the story itself.

Melodic and atmospheric are the correct words to use when describing these Edmonton dwellers, because their music is exactly that. Even though their ethos is death metal, they are not without their melodious elements. Taking just the death metal from everything that is going on within Shattered Shores and examining it closely reveals that even the pure fiery death metal is technical and melodious, but it is never restrained.

None of the elements that Silent Line throws your way and mix in to their music gets in the way of each other. Everything here mixes very harmoniously together to create a great heavy hitting yet melodic sound. Having all of the different components that Silent Line does means that there needs to be a fine balance between the throat cutting death metal and all of the melodic elements that are thrown in the mix, and Silent Line has a perfect balance of both.

Through out the fifty-two minute run time of Shattered Shores, Silent Line is never too chaotic with the death metal, and never too soft with their atmospheric elements. Each song has parts where the death metal side takes over and pummels you, but at the drop of a hat Silent Line switches gears and gives you silky cleans and melancholic symphonic bits. All throughout Shattered Lines you feel as though you are there on the desolate island with the character that is portrayed within this story. You become succumbed by the excellent and compelling story telling of Silent Line, and before you even realize it you are already on to the tenth track.

After the closer Embrace the End plays you feel compelled to hit the play button again. Between the chugging death metal riffs, the writhing drums, cracking bass, death metal growls, sultry cleans, the soft acoustic elements, the melancholic symphonic components, and the overall great story telling, there is no way you can get enough of Shattered Shores.

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