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Monday Morning Mayhem

November 2, 2015

After having some time off, I’m back here at Cadaver Garden for all of you sickos that want more Monday Morning Mayhem to subdue those metal hunger pains that you have been experiencing. I missed last week’s edition and I apologize, but here we are this week with Monday Morning Mayhem. Prepare yourselves for the onslaught of metal and enjoy!


a0617070914_16 Much like most other terrifying and deadly entities, Revulsed hails from Australia. Infernal Atrocity was just released yesterday on Halloween, which makes sense because if you really want to scare the little ones this is what you should be playing. Destruction down under should be their motto because that is exactly what they cause. Through nine tracks Revulsed steamrolls their way through town, ripping people limb from limb, leaving your town in a pile of ash and rubble. The way in which Revulsed plays is pure, and by that I mean there isn’t anything within Infernal Atrocity that muddies up the brutal death waters. Everything here is one hundred percent brutal death metal. Infernal Atrocity is incredibly bludgeoning. Even taking a jack hammer to the face wouldn’t leave you in such a mess. Revulsed ice-pick lobotomizes you with down right sinister and technical riffs, machine gun drumming, and incredibly sordid and eviscerating vocals that transition between low grunts to gurgling gutturals. From the first note of the opener Rapacious Engorgement to the closer Infernal Atrocity you experience something that is close to pure torture, and for brutal death pure torture is a good thing. Revulsed is limb ripping, neck snapping, eviscerating, blood soaked, gore fueled goodness, and if any of that appeals to you then dive in head first into the wood chipper.


a1080702630_16 Hateful Transgression is a three piece that is from both Georgia and the Netherlands, and they play as they call it “brutal blackened death metal” which seems to be a pretty appropriate tag. The three piece mixes in black metal, brutal death, and traditional death metal stylings pretty well. All three genres would seem to clash pretty hard being that only two of them are fairly similar (brutal death and death metal) where as the black metal component is the complete opposite of the other two genres. Mashing the three together Hateful Transgression comes up with an entirely unique and different sound. There is a lot going on here within the four track release yet they manage it very well and execute each of the genres very well never having one over power the other. In each song you hear a great balance with all three genres that are at play here. For taking certain styles that would seemingly clash, Hateful Transgression makes it seem relatively easy. Hateful Transgression has a three pronged attack which really seems to help out with the writing process as well as just crafting the music itself. It gives them more freedom to play around with different sounds and really come up with something fresh and unique as well as something that few people may have heard before if anyone really  has heard something like this before. The black metal aspects give you a cold feeling with poisonous riffs, certain atmospheric elements that make its way through as well as the gravely shrieks that are used throughout. But with the cold and dark comes a sinister onslaught of death metal as well. Within each song Hateful Transgression switches from the razor sharp and frost bitten coldness to a more devastating and chugging style of play which is where the death metal comes in. Hateful Transgression does a great job of balancing out the black metal with the death metal, and they seamlessly transition between the two. This self titled release is interesting to say the least, but it is a good listen as well as a kick to the teeth.


a3205180994_16 Death metal is meant to invoke fear and nightmares, and that is exactly what Them Vultures plans on doing with their release titled Weird Tales. Them Vultures plays horror inspired old school death metal. Through the five track release you will find no frills, no bullshit, and no fillers as everything about Them Vultures is completely unfiltered death metal. Them Vultures isn’t so much a sonic assault as they are a baseball bat the head kind of assault. Being over technical doesn’t sit well with these guys and it would just make the overall feel of the music unauthentic. The way Them Vultures present themselves is a full on old school grinding death metal assault. Each of the five songs are dirty, gritty, and down right sordid. Them Vultures inject plenty of horror into their music making it that much more enjoyable. Throughout Weird Tales there is a thick slime that oozes from the cracks as well as the occasional body part and spurt of blood. Horror and death metal have gone hand in hand for ages and Them Vultures play off of that very well as they stick to what they know, and what they know is twisting, grimy old school death metal. If you like flesh flaying, blood boiling, ax wielding death metal then take a peek at Them Vultures, but never get too close or you may lose an eye…or more.


a1314588576_16 To go along with all of the skull pounding how about some more skull pounding? Where will we find more you ask? With Velociter of course! Velociter is a female fronted thrash metal band hailing from Denmark and Heir of Solitude is their second full length release which came out in April this year. If you are expecting a clean and over produced thrash sound from these guys/girl then you would be looking in the wrong place. Through Heir of Solitude, Velociter pulls no punches, and once they get rolling, do they ever get rolling. They throw everything they have at you and more. This release is wholly entertaining and completely brain scrambling. The thrash that is played here burns with the utmost intensity and once you think the heat can’t be any more hot they turn the fire up even more. Each song is a blistering and unrelenting assault and this is the type of music that kicks you once you’re down and your knees have already been broken. Like a gang of hellions, Velociter beats you over the head repeatedly until you can no longer remember who you are or where you are. Heir of Solitude thrashes and writhes like a serpent possessed, the riffs gallop, the drums pound away at your already bleeding ear drums, the bass ruptures blood vessels and the vocals bring everything full circle as the lead vocalist transitions between hellish screams and gut punching growls. If you don’t have as much faith in thrash as you once did, I would suggest giving Velociter a try because they are thrash through and through and they are one hell of a good listen.


That concludes this week’s Monday Morning Mayhem! If you were waiting for it then I hope it was worth it and I hope it helps kick some of the Monday slump out of your system. Remember to enjoy and keep on headbanging!

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  1. Revulsed great band!!!

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