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Sar Nath: Sorrow and Psychopathium Consummate

November 2, 2015

sapccover With the name Merdumgiriz attached to anything, there is one thing that you will know for certain, and that is whatever the genre may be it will be incredibly intriguing and entirely different from what you are use to hearing. With that being said, the latest genre breaking and boundary pushing endeavor comes by the name of Sar Nath. Sar Nath is a one man psychotic black metal band from the United States. The man behind Sar Nath didn’t use to play this brand of torturous music however. Upon listening, the music that will assault your ears is a far cry from what he use to play as his old brand of music was melodic death/power metal. Sar Nath isn’t anything close to either of those genres, in fact the music is far more accosting and assaults you in ways that you never knew you could be assaulted.

From the very beginning of Sorrow and Psychopathium Consummate you realize that the music you are listening to isn’t regular, it is far from it. Not only is it black metal, but mixed in with the black metal seems to be certain industrial elements. But no matter what is mixed in and what isn’t mixed in, the “psychotic” tag on this music is really what stands out.

Sounding like the inner workings of a serial killer’s mind, Sorrow and Psychopathium Consummate takes you on a never ending torturous journey and a maddening descent into dementia. There are only glimpses of straight forward black metal within this release, as the majority of this album is covered in psychosis and sprinkled with delirium.

With being fed up with completely mainstream and entirely accessible music, Lord Sar (creator of Sar Nath and lone musician) has created something that is almost the complete opposite which was the point. The music is completely ugly, the production is gritty, and the entirety of the album is bleak, dissonant, discordant, and somehow it is strangely beautiful at the same time. And when I say ugly, I mean that it is devoid of all sanity and packed full with nightmares and soul sucking darkness.

With all of the discord comes melody in certain areas to make sure that you don’t completely lock yourself away in a room or get taken away to the loony bin. The electronic and industrial elements make the album that much more insane and portray insanity. The feeling you get to understand once listening to Sorrow and Psychopathium Consummate is not one of peace and serenity, instead it is one of darkness and soul piercing solitude.

Nothing within the album is straight forward as everything is varied. The riffs aren’t just cold and chaotic as you would expect from a black metal album. The riffs are cold sure, but they are melodic when needed, dissonant at other times, but are entirely wrist slitting all of the time. The drums hatchet away at your putrid flesh as the diverse vocals strip flesh from bone. Within each song Lord Sar displays a very wide range of vocal styles transitioning between blood curdling shrieks to demonic growls to other worldly gutturals. In between those three prominent styles is the occasional ghastly screaming that wafts over the music like poison fog.

Sorrow and Psychopathium Consummate is entirely petrifying. Each song is destructive, but not in a physical way but in a mental way. This release chips away at what sanity you have left and feasts on it like a pack of rabid starving wolves. What you have with this release is something intriguing, genuine and devoid of all light, and that is just how I like it.

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