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Flesh of the Stars: Hide

November 5, 2015

a3688074345_16 Of course Halloween has passed now, but if you were to have a sound track for Halloween I would suggest looking up Flesh of the Stars. Flesh of the Stars hails from Chicago and plays a combination of doom and stoner metal, but even with the stoner metal thrown in the mix the main focus is doom. Their debut album titled Hide was appropriately released on Halloween and if you just so happened to have it once Halloween came out, I truly hope that you played it to creep the little ones out with. Regardless of when it came out, Hide is a massively dark and brooding entity that is ready and willing to claim your soul for itself.

Flesh of the Stars and their debut is great music to sacrifice to. So just in case you need some sacrificing to be done, throw on some Flesh of the Stars and get busy with that cleaving. As stated above these heathens from Chicago mix doom with stoner metal, but the stoner aspects of the music take a pretty far back seat to the doom elements. More often than not the music is the devastatingly slow and dark pace that you have become accustom to when listening to doom; however, on occasion Hide picks up into a mid paced tempo that allows the stoner metal to work its magic.

If fuzzed out and buzz filled doom is what you so crave, then Flesh of the Stars has it for you. Lined with a nice and thick amount of buzz and funky fuzz they jar your brain right out of your skull. To go along with all of the skull numbing buzzing you experience some interesting piano play as well as odd little noises here and there throughout the release.

Even though Hide is the debut release from these cretins, the entire album feels whole. Hide is cohesive and each song transitions into the next with ease. The album ends up feeling complete because nothing is out of place within this record including the odd beeps and pings that you hear sprinkled throughout.

The overall sound is ominous and lingers like a thick, heavy fog. Each song is evil and that evil feels as though it has been marinading in utter darkness for ages. Hide drips with blackened blood, fuzzed out riffs, rhythmic pounding drums, spine rupturing bass and incredibly hypnotic vocals. As much as you want to fight the music that is invading your ear holes, the fight is a futile one. Give up and give in to the mysterious and hypnotic ways of Flesh of the Stars.

For just starting out it seems as though these Chicago dwellers are on the right track. Everything that is needed to make a brooding, frothy doom stew is present here and all of the ingredients are listed above. Get your goats and cleavers ready, it’s sacrificing time brought to you by Flesh of the Stars.

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