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MACHINÆ: Clockwork

November 6, 2015

machinae-clockwork-rgb Hailing from Finland, MACHINÆ drop their new album Clockwork on the world through Concorde Music CompanyMACHINÆ is a melodic metal band that spices their brand of music up with pop style synths and keyboard play. Not only does MACHINÆ have synths and pop style keyboards in their music, but they have romping, mosh stirring riffs as well. Throughout ClockworkMACHINÆ does a good job of balancing out the melodious moments with the heavier hitting moments, and a lot of the time you will end up getting both within the same song.

From the very beginning of the album you quickly realize that they are not afraid to add in keyboards and use them very frequently. Up until the very end of the album the keyboards are used at will and never just peppered in; in fact the keyboards play an essential part in the feel and atmosphere of the album. So with that being said, the keyboards are ever present whether you like it or not.

The themes that are present within Clockwork jump from dealing with death, to facing adversity and perservering through those adversities.

Through the eleven track album you get a feeling of spirit, anger, happiness, and whatever other emotions you can think of. When you can feel something through music, you know the artist did their job telling whatever story it is that they are telling, and with MACHINÆ you end up feeling a lot. As mentioned above, you get a lot thrown at you at once and there are a lot of cogs and pieces at work here that mesh together well to create a melodic soundscape.

Switching up the tempo and the feel of each song is essential when playing this style of music. You don’t want to get in a rut and end up sounding repetitive otherwise the music would get stale. But once one song ends another begins that sounds entirely different. There are two common themes that you can pick up on throughout Clockwork. The first theme is the interplay between the whimsical keyboards and the down tuned onslaught of the guitars. The second theme is that there are dualing personalities everywhere. The riffs are heavy and chugging and paired with those are the lighter more atmospheric keyboards. Over top of the music are Jekyll and Hyde vocals. The vocalist brings out the monster when needed, but dials it back for the majority of the record displaying an infectious silky clean vocal.

The overall sound is yin and yang, light and heavy as MACHINÆ marry both melody and crunching heaviness together very well. MACHINÆ gives you something to headbang to as well as belt it out to. Clockwork will be out through Concorde Music Company on November 20th.

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