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Surtur: Descendant of Time

November 6, 2015

Artwork (2) Bangladesh has been a hot spot for some time now for thrash bands and the thrash fire keeps getting brighter and brighter every single day. Throwing more kindling into that fire is the Bangladeshi thrash war mongers Surtur. Surtur is right on the cusp of releasing their debut four track EP titled Descendant of Time. Descendant of Time is a four track EP that is completely packed to the gills with blazing and town torching thrash metal. There are only four tracks hence the reason why it is an EP instead of a full length, but what Surtur does is make you yearn that much more for a full length.

Descendant of Time kicks off with an intro aptly titled Prologue to Chaos, and after that intro Surtur kicks things into high gear. Not only do they kick your teeth in, but they try to gut you as well. Through only four songs you feel as though you’ve been beaten and a lead pipe has been taken to your head.

Thrash has not evolved very much at all since it has been around, and while Surtur doesn’t necessarily do anything new or revolutionary here on Descendant of Time, they do take thrash and retain the heavy blazing edge that thrash has always had and has always stood for.

As soon as the intro is finished Surtur explodes into a speedy blistering riff fervor. Everything becomes hyper and you can only do so much to hold on to your seat before you get blown over and your face melts into liquid flesh and steaming skin.

The equivalent to the burning inferno that is Surtur would be to have someone hold a blow torch up to your soft cranium. While the feeling is the same, the residual effects are also the same. As each song plays on and ends, another starts to bore a hole deeper into your skull.

Lacerating riffs are paired with skull vibrating bass rhythms coupled with limb slicing drums. Over top of the music, the vocalist screams maniacally only coming to the conclusion that if you tried it at home without practice your throat would jump out of your neck.

Surtur is a fire bomb and Descendant of Time is the igniter. As mentioned, thrash has not evolved past a certain point, but once it gets rolling it is hard to stop. With that said, Surtur is hard to stop listening to once started. Descendant of Time is a moshing, headbanging and destructive beginning for these Bangladeshi thrashers.

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