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Punching Moses: Humanity Pandemic

November 7, 2015

Wallet 4p 1CD_right Glue End I’m not too sure about you, but punching Moses sounds incredibly fun to me. While we’ll never get to actually punch Moses, you can listen to Punching Moses and that is just as fun. Punching Moses plays a baseball bat to the knee caps style of punk fused with metal. With their new EP titled Humanity Pandemic, Punching Moses brings a fresh and energetic take on punk making you want to mosh, destroy your house, set you neighbors cat on fire and do any other sordid acts you can think of.

From the get go, Punching Moses sinks their dirty claws right into your soft flesh. Once they take a hold of you there is no escaping whatsoever. From the very beginning of Intro-Venous you can tell that the tone that Punching Moses sets is an intense one which is also catchy and a head exploding good time of a listen.

They are terribly catchy, but they never dial it back on the intense hammer rage that is supplied throughout the EP. Instead of being that punk band that sounds like they are playing on tin garbage cans and paint buckets, Punching Moses is refined, groovy in sections and they take a sledge hammer right to your gut in the hopes of rupturing your kidneys.

Through Humanity Pandemic there is a good mix of energetic and destructive punk and fiery skin melting metal. Mixing the two genres creates a sound that is equivalent to a shotgun blast to the face which Punching Moses is entirely unapologetic about. In fact, after they club you over the head repeatedly, then they laugh at you and dump you off the side of the nearest cliff.

The punk elements provide that chaotic and spastic upbeat destructiveness while the metal provides slick guitar solos, crunching riffs and devastating drum blasts. With plenty of piss and vinegar, along with blow torches, chainsaws, machetes and whatever tool they can find and use to maim and destroy, Punching Moses roll straight through you leaving a bowling ball sized hole in the middle of your chest. And after they finish demolishing you, then they are on to the next, and the next, and the next…

This particular brand of music is brought to you by ripping riffs, whirlwind drumming, a very thick and ever prominent bass as well as manic screaming and yelling. Each of the five tunes is skull grinding and brain bruising as you will find that fine combination of both metal and punk. Each listen becomes more and more fun, and before you even know it you will be screaming along with the vocalist and your house will look like a hurricane just hit it. The energy that is packed within this short EP is very volatile, potent and highly infectious. Punching Moses not only makes you want to punch Moses, but they also make you want to create havoc and raze your city, and whether you are completely into punk or completely into metal, there is something here for everyone to headbang to.

Punching Moses comes out on November 20th through Seeing Red Records.

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