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"Blasphemer, Heretic, Defiler of the Sacred Ones. Thou art Deprived of Your Limbs. Thy Nose Shall be Split. Thou art Cast Down and Overthrown."-Cast Down The Heretic by Nile

Monday Morning Mayhem

November 8, 2015

Your weekly edition of Monday Morning Mayhem is back to shake things  up and hopefully provide some music that will help you through the sordid and dreaded day that is Monday. Take a peep at the list and never forget to headbang!


a1263729506_16 Let us start a slow and sluggish Monday with something that is equally slow and sluggish. Famyne hail from the UK and play groove filled doom mixed with some stoner metal. The EP is self titled and sports three songs that range from slow doom to crunching stoner tunes. Each song is a decent length with the shortest leaning toward the five minute mark and the longest being over ten minutes. And each song displays a great balance between the groovier melodies of stoner metal and the bludgeoning slowness of doom. The ethos of the band is doom that much is apparent, but there isn’t just the traditional stylings of doom here as there is a mixture of different styles present. Doom can get fairly stagnant pretty quickly with a lot of bands being Sleep and Saint Vitus replicas. But with Famyne coming in to the doom game, they seem to be blazing their own path with their own brand of doom. Everything within this EP seems a little heavier than what you would normally expect. The riffs are crunchy yet melodic, and even the drums dish up some blasts during the slower doom parts as well. Famyne is melodic, haunting in certain areas, and they are captivating. Mixed in are those aforementioned stoner groove melodies and in the second song Tower you get to experience them more than you do on the other two songs. The riffs aren’t subtle nor are they hidden at all in this EP. As a matter of fact there are waves of riffs that hit you upside your head much like a lead pipe would. Other than the walloping riffs the bass is buzzing, the drums pummel your ear drums, and the vocals are haunting as well as hypnotic. Famyne is a very good listen, and this EP is only the beginning. The three track EP gets you moving as well as headbanging and really that’s what we all ask for.


a4157944021_16 Hopping back across the pond we find A Plague In Faith that hails from Kansas City, Missouri. Resonating Blasphemy is the very first full length from these mid-west blasphemers. With their first full length A Plague In Faith try to establish themselves as a mainstay in the death metal scene and a force to be reckoned with, and with this release I have to think they solidify their place among the crowded death metal scene. Through the nine song release  they play solid, tight and devastating death metal. A Plague In Faith seeks out death and destruction and instill fear in the hearts of anyone who listens to Resonating Blasphemy. The release is skull hollowing and soul sucking sickness, which means that it is everything that you would wish there to be in a death metal release. There are zero frills here as A Plague In Faith gets straight to the brain bashing point. There are no intros, or outros or even interludes. Everything that you encounter within this debut is strictly organ grinding and bone crunching madness. With each passing song, the writhing, churning darkness becomes even darker and blasphemous. This stirring cauldron of hate begins with flesh melting riffs which are paired with sledgehammer heavy and dynamite blasting drums. The bass provides a nice solid crack to your skull as the varied vocals switch between grizzly death metal growls and the gravel lined black metal screeches. If this is what being sordid and evil sounds like, then being evil never sounded so good.


a0624947729_16 Nefarious Richmond rippers Hoboknife recently released their debut album titled Vagrants which is eight tracks of pure blackened evil. The album is packed full and bursting with the blackened blood of black metal, demons, and pure soul eviscerating evil. Stuffed to the gills with malice and hate, Hoboknife turn you from the good law abiding citizen that you are into the Satan worshiping, church burning heathen that you really are deep down. Each song has a grimy layer of filth to them making you feel positively sordid. Vagrant has a certain disgusting stench to it, kind of like the stench of bodies that have been hidden in your walls for weeks. Each song is fairly long providing more than enough time for them to pummel you straight back into the coffin from which you crawled out of. A lot of black metal has a certain atmospheric quality about them that is provided by the use of keyboards and synths. While there are no keyboards that are present here, there is a certain atmosphere that Hoboknife succeeds in creating. The atmosphere that they end up creating isn’t something that is serene or even melancholy like most black metal bands aim for. Instead it is one of destruction, and the inevitability of your demise. Vagrant is armed to the teeth with razor sharp and slashing riffs, tumultuous drumming, a nice thick bass, and devilish and demonic screaming. Each song is a blistering statement that Hoboknife is here to stay and won’t leave until every last soul has turned dark with blackened ooze or until everyone has been fucked by the Cock of Evil.


a0607663553_16 In case you haven’t had your fill of black metal just yet, we find ourselves in Spain where we find Insaniam. Neurotic Mental Storm  the new release from these crypt dwellers from Spain. Insaniam plays psychotic black metal without ever crossing the fine line of being exceptionally psychotic. The black metal in which these gents play is chaos in every sense of the word, which is exactly what they had in mind. Neurotic Mental Storm is blistering and mind shattering. I challenge anyone to remain sane after listening to this sordid darkness that Insaniam has to offer. After one or two run throughs of the album you end up succumbing to the asylum of darkness that Insaniam is trying to portray. Trying to fight is is fruitless. Resistance is only met with more resistance by Insaniam, and your only way out of this album alive is to surrender to its onslaught. The music itself is truly terrifying as the riffs are never ending, the drums never stop breaking your spirit, and the screams seem to be coming from within. Your mind keeps telling you to stop listening but Insaniam keep strapping you back into the chair forcing your to listen. Through all of the chaos and soul damming, there is a certain atmospheric and melodic quality about these mental asylum escapees. Listen with caution, as there is a straight jacket waiting for you at the end of the album.


That concludes this week’s Monday Morning Mayhem. I hope that this list helps battle the scorn of Monday. Keep headbanging!

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