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"Blasphemer, Heretic, Defiler of the Sacred Ones. Thou art Deprived of Your Limbs. Thy Nose Shall be Split. Thou art Cast Down and Overthrown."-Cast Down The Heretic by Nile

Escarnium: Godless Shrine of Decay

November 10, 2015

capa compilaçao Escarnium hail from Brazil, and having formed in 2007 they have been around the corpse packed block once or twice. Since their diabolical inception these Brazilian brutal behemoths have released their debut demo titled Covered in Decadence in 2009, and in 2010 they released a split titled Celebrating the World of Decadence. Following the split came an EP in 2011 titled Rex Verminorum.  Their first full length came in 2012 which came by the name of Excruciating Existence, where two splits soon followed. Godless Shrine of Decay is what is presented before you today which will be out later this month. Godless Shrine of Decay is a collection of songs from Escarnium that have been released through the years with one new track titled Human Waste.

Since Escarnium has already terrorized South America, their next target is North America. There is no better way to introduce themselves to North America other than pulverizing your face into a pulpy and bleeding mess.

Over the sixteen songs that are presented before you in this release, not only do you get to experience what it feels like to be torn limb from limb, but you get to experience what real fear is. Escarnium is the butcher and you are the lamb being led into the slaughter. At the very beginning of Godless Shrine of Decay, Escarnium dig you a grave and toss you in, and with each song that passes that is another shovel of dirt. And before you realize it you are covered in slimy, wet and night crawler infested soil.

The point is, is that this music is entirely savage and barbaric, exactly as death metal should be. From beginning to end you are subjected to a beating, and at the end that is how you should feel. Escarnium play an old school style of death metal, one that takes no prisoners and leaves no one alive as a witness to the slaughter.

The sound of true and unfiltered death metal rings true here. There is no ounce of blood that hasn’t been spilled and there are no limbs left that have not been torn off. Escarnium is visceral and they are pure brutality in every sense of the word.

Escarnium drags you out to the woods to paint the forest red with your blood, and once they are done they feel no remorse as they laugh in your cold and dying face. These Brazilian decapitators play at a gut ripping pace as the riffs are limb cleaving, the drums pound like sledgehammers cracking your ribs, the bass melts your brain and the vocals sound like evil incarnate. Each song is bowel bursting and completely eviscerating laying waste to anyone who dares oppose them.

Living isn’t something that is an option after the album is over, mainly because you won’t be alive after one go around. Listening to Escarnium is the equivalent to having an ax wielding maniac chase after you block after block until he finally catches you and hacks you up for his hell hounds to feast on. Godless Shrine of Decay is a glorious bloodbath as crimson red spills over through the music. The sixteen terrorizing songs presented here are a testament to Escarnium and the brutal legacy that they have built over the years with many more gore soaked years to come. Be sure to lock your doors and windows North America, because Escarnium is coming for you next.

logo_pano de fundo Escarnium comes out with Godless Shrine of Decay through Redefining Darkness Records on November 20th.

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