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Kult Mogił: Anxiety Never Descending

November 11, 2015

Kult Mogil album cover final Forming in late 2014, and with just one demo under their belt which was released earlier this year, Kult Mogił is just over one month away  from releasing their debut full length. Anxiety Never Descending is death metal madness at its finest. Never just using the traditional ground and pound death metal approach that so many bands use, Kult Mogił slow the tempo down as well creating a suffocating and devastating sound. The band explains that their name means something close to “cult of graves” or “burial place with or without tombstones”, which is fitting since this brand of death metal is entirely monstrous and unforgiving.

The opener to the album just so happens to be the title track as well, and the title track gives you a bloody metallic taste of what you are in store for. Anxiety Never Descending begins with a ripping blast of drums and a dirge of riffs that could slice through flesh and bone. The song quickly delves into a doom style of play that is equally disparaging and crushing as the head caving death metal is. Kult Mogił balances the two different styles of play out very well all throughout the album creating diversity and a lot of variation giving the listener a lot to digest.

There are no glimmers of hope within this debut. Kult Mogił shrouds you in suffocating darkness through each song. You feel fear, depression and the cold skeletal hand of death. The coldness and sheer bleakness of this album creeps up on you and chills your spine right down to the marrow. Once you’re in, you’re in. There is no way out of the death metal labyrinth that is Kult Mogił.

These Polish impalers thrust you into a death metal nightmare, one that you never thought even existed. They trap you inside crude box and bury you in a shallow grave never feeling any remorse or having any qualms about burying you alive.

Each riff is another nail in the coffin, and each writhing sonic drum assault is another stake in your chest. Through Anxiety Never Descending you not only hear evil dirges of death metal mastery, but you hear your very soul being torn asunder from the utter darkness and brutality of Kult Mogił.

Every riff coils around you like a serpent while the drums break down your sanity. The vocals are bestial and sound terrifyingly demonic. As mentioned above, not only does Kult Mogił play an intense and mind breaking style of death metal, but they slow the tempo down into an almost doom style of play which is dark and brooding and accentuates the evil that emanates throughout the album.

This six track debut is packed with everything that you could possibly love in a death metal album. It is evil, unrelenting, brooding, and completely punishing.

Kult_Mogil_foto_001Kult Mogił will be out with Anxiety Never Descending through Pagan Records on December 24th of this year.

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