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Dark the Suns: Life Eternal

November 12, 2015

DarktheSuns-LifeEternal Gothic metal over the years has been more underground than underground and has continued to recede into the darkness and bleakness of metal. However there are still goth metal bands around and still kicking. One of those bands goes by the name of Dark the Suns. Dark the Suns hails from Finland, and Life Eternal is their newest release. Life Eternal is a compilation album packed with ten of the best songs from Dark the Suns over the years. If you are familiar with Dark the Suns then this is a must have, and if you are just getting into goth metal-or Dark the Suns-this is a great place to begin your darkened journey.

Since this is a compilation album, fans of Dark the Suns will already know the material, but even if you already know the material it is always fun to pick up a best of album and discover what songs they decided to release. If you are not a fan at the moment and just discovering this music for the first time, you can’t possibly go wrong with this release.Life Eternal is entirely accessible as there isn’t anything on here that you wouldn’t want to listen to only once. This is their best work packed into one album and you are bound to find something that you like in here.

Don’t fear either when you read the word “goth” or “gothic”. Being goth doesn’t necessarily mean being into vampires, coloring yourself in a more whiter shade than you already are, or cutting yourself to feel  again. Goth simply means that there is a certain feeling and atmosphere around the music. And if you are looking for something with a little more feeling behind it, then goth metal supplies that in droves.

Adding feeling to music doesn’t take away from the fact that it is plenty heavy. As a matter of fact, Dark the Suns is plenty heavy as they enter an almost death metal style of play every once in a while. Save for the occasional blasting rhythms, Dark the Sun are melodic as well as atmospheric. Each song takes you down a darkened path of depression and sullen darkness and I’ll be dammed if you don’t feel something when playing this album.

The overall feel of Life Eternal is like having a funeral every single day for the rest of your life for yourself. As dark and mysterious as this album is, it is equally beautiful. Over top the heavy riffs are great piano pieces that take the terrifyingly depressing mood and amplify it. The piano arrangements are no the only thing that add to the increasingly bleak music, but there are choir-esque vocals that waft through the air as if weeping angels were singing.

Dark the Suns is incredibly melodic, but underneath the mysticism and dark atmosphere that they create there is a certain heavy quality to them as well. Riffs snake their way around each song, the drums are steady, the bass is present and the vocalist growls and roars like a man possessed. Overall, this compilation is for anyone who is a current fan of goth metal or this band, and this release is also for anyone who is just getting into this music. You cannot go wrong with Dark the Suns or Life is Eternal.

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