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Vorna: Ei valo minua seuraa

November 12, 2015

vorna_cover640 The Fins certainly know how to crank out some incredibly melodic and captivating pieces of music and Vorna display an incredible amount of intensity as well as atmosphere and melody. Ei valo minua seuraa is the group’s second full length, and with this release you get seven well crafted songs that take you on a mystifying journey through the fog. Each of the songs has a story behind it and the band does a great job of telling each story.

Each of the seven songs is pretty lengthy, and when writing a lengthy album and lengthy songs you need to be sure that you hold the listener’s attention for more than just one or two songs, and that is exactly what Vorna does. The Finnish group does a great job of drawing you into the music making you want to listen to more and find out what happens next on your soul searching and treacherous trip.

Dull moments never come within Ei valo minua seuraa. Vorna are very successful at hooking their razor sharp talons into you from the very beginning of the record and they’ll be dammed if they let go. Even with the longer run times of their songs, Vorna never over stays there welcome, and none of the songs seem to be forced upon you.  Throughout the album, Vorna orchestrates one great song after another. Never once do you feel like you have listened to the same song, and never once do you hear something repeated or recycled.

This pagan metal group has a lot going on at once and Vorna balances all of the twisting melodies, rhythmic riffs, and harmonious synths very well to create vast soundscapes of folklore and in depth soul wandering. This music can’t be summed up in just one listen. Ei valo minua seuraa warrants more than one listen to fully grasp what it is about. And each time that you listen, the more and more you become invested in the music.

Through the entirety of the release, you feel as though you are in a trance. You become trapped and hooked on every riff and blissful melody. The melody that is provided for you makes feels as though you are on a different world, and the sweet melodies make you transcend any mortal realm. The riffs are precise and crunching when needed while keeping their melodious touch. The drums blast when needed but never cross a line or go over board as the bass makes itself very well known. Blissful synths dance over everything, washing the music in a sort of calm and peacefulness.

Ei valo minua seuraa is an album that needs time to digest as well as needs more than just one spin. With their new effort Vorna supply demanding riffs as well as droves of melody and atmosphere. There is a little bit for everyone here, and Ei valo minua seuraa is more than an enjoyable listen.

Ei valo minua seuraa is out on the 4th of December through Inverse Records.

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