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Confrontation: Aggregat 4

November 13, 2015

CR-042CD_ARTWORK Doom as a genre is meant to be menacing, dark, brooding and entirely evil, and if those things are exactly what you are looking for in a doom album then Confrontation hailing from The Netherlands is the band for you. The production of their new album titled Aggregat 4 is pure and raw. All throughout the eight track album you get assaulted by buzzing and devastating riffs. Confrontation never let their foot off of your throat, not even for a second.

The overall and general sound of Aggregat 4 is bulldozing. Never once does a song fade out and you get a breather. As soon as one song ends another begins in decimating fashion. Confrontation not only supply darkened doom riffs, but with the doom they mix in death metal.

The death metal that they mix in to compliment their doom stylings has an old school feeling to it. Occasionally the band breaks from their slow and murky style of play to really put your skull to the grind stone and chip away at your pink fleshy brain.

Once Aggregat 4 picks up and begins rolling, there isn’t much you can do to stop it. Your demise is slow and agonizing as Confrontation make the first cut when the first note is played and that same cut ends when the last note is played. And once you press the play button again you experience a torturous and decimating demise.

Confrontation uses themes of war, battlefields and desecrating weaponry to create their unique and punishing sound. Using these certain themes creates a large and looming sound. Aggregat 4 is an album that is intimidating to approach and all throughout you become mentally scarred and noticeably rattled. Confrontation pushes you around and bullies you into a dark and dreary corner until you give in.

There are no glimmers of light or hope that will reach you through the grimy doom waters. Just when you think that you have enough will power, Confrontation breaks you down with a dirge of metallic darkness. Each riff is like a slow gravel drag down an incredibly rocky and gravel filled road as the drums beat to the final minutes of your life while a rumbling bass rattles your bones. The vocalist roars over the great sonic wall of sound like a demon just released from hell.

These giants from The Netherlands are exactly that, giants. Aggregat 4 looms large as it is, but when you supplement the already giant sound with as dark of themes as Confrontation does the album seems that much greater in size. Confrontation makes you feel small and weak. Each aspect of this album is done very well, and Confrontation transitions well from slaughtering doom riffs to skin blistering old school death. The overall sound is that of terror and death which is exactly what doom should be.

Aggregat 4 will be released through Chaos Records on November 30th. Below is a link to stream their song Katyusha BM that will prepare you for the darkness and chaos that is Aggregat 4.

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