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Enfeeble: Momentum of Tranquility

November 15, 2015

MOMENTUM OF TRANQUILITY print Enfeeble has been in existence now for a decade. Forming in 2005 the band has one full length under their belt which came out in 2014 titled Encapsulate This Moment. Their newest effort titled Momentum of Tranquility is their second full length which was released one month ago. Enfeeble fuse thrash, metalcore and even inject some electronic elements into their music as well. Through the twelve songs that are present on Momentum of Tranquility you get a menagerie of different sounds as each song is different from the one before it.

Being a metalcore band you can expect there to be breakdowns and you hope that the breakdowns that are injected into the songs don’t detract from the music. With Enfeeble, those breakdowns don’t detract from the music at all mainly because there aren’t fifty breakdowns in every song, and when one does appear it isn’t that painfully slow chugging type that gets tiring very quickly.

More than anything, the breakdowns that you are given are more melodic and controlled and they fit into the music instead of just having them to have them and try to sound heavy. It is refreshing to see breakdowns being utilized when needed and not forced down your throat by having an unreasonably high number of them per minute.

Regardless of how many jarring bass drops and mosh inducing breakdowns there are, Enfeeble are melodic as well as technical. They do a very good job in balancing their thrash attack with their metalcore tendencies. The thrash elements give you that headbanging and blazing riffage while the metalcore gives you more melody and refinement to the music.

Since there are two different genres here at work that means there are a lot of moving parts within each song, and there are a lot of elements to consider. As mentioned above, with the thrash assault you get blistering riffs accentuated by shredding guitar solos, and on the other side of the coin you get the more stomping down tuned metalcore riffs. Behind the guitars you get drums that are technical and on point while the bass slaps you around. Even with the down tuned riffage, the skull pummeling break downs, and the bone jarring bass drops, Enfeeble manage to keep their melodic edge. Adding to all of the melody is the use of synths. There can be and are certain points where bands tend to over do it on the use of synths, and when that does happen it takes away from the music that is at hand, and instead of making the music better it tends to clutter it up and make it suffocating. Enfeeble never makes the synths feel over used or out of place as they work them into the right slots to help the music along and provide some atmosphere.

At the forefront of the music are the vocals that transition between gravely roars and and cleans. At certain points during Momentum of Tranquility the cleans seem a little lack luster and forced. The use of the cleans isn’t over bearing as they are peppered into each song so that they are not overbearing.

The overall sound is tight and crisp, and Enfeeble keeps their melodic side without sacrificing any of the heaviness. This second effort from these Germans is a solid follow up to their debut full length as you get everything from blistering riffs, to melodious synths.

Below you can stream a song from the album titled Four Eyes (Two Hearts). Remember to enjoy responsibly!

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