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Monday Morning Mayhem

November 15, 2015

Monday Morning Mayhem is back this week with a fresh batch of blood for you to stir into your coffee! Remember to enjoy responsibly, you don’t want to get too blood drunk…


a0068792309_16 As we let the blood letting commence, we find Corrosive Carcass from Sweden. Forsaken Lands is the Swedish death bringers second effort. Corrosive Carcass play a flesh tearing brand of death metal. Corrosive Carcass is a no frills, no b.s. style death metal band that plays with an unapologetic intensity. From the very first note of Blood Ritual you immediately understand what you got yourself into. At the end of ten pulverizing songs, you leave the album bloodied and filled with hatchet wounds. The album is fairly lengthy, and each song is lengthy as well which gives Corrosive Carcass plenty of time to toy around with you before they put the barrel in your mouth and pull the trigger. There isn’t a relaxing moment in Forsaken Lands, as each song passes the noose tightens around your throat. This release by these Swedish death metallers is monstrous, both in production as well as execution. Each riff is an ice pick to the temple as the drums pound and snap limbs while the bass rumbles and jars your brain leaving you to become a vegetable for the rest of your life. Over top the superb and incredibly filthy musicianship, the vocals that are vomited forth are purely savage. Corrosive Carcass as a unit is very tight, and with each song you become more and more aware that the next victim for them to claim is you. Forsaken Lands is utterly filthy, putrid, blood soaked and completely visceral. If you’re not careful, their next sacrifice could be you.


a2687431148_16 Hiding out in the darkest and deepest recesses of Germany is Supreme Carnage. Rising from the depths, and emerging from countless eviscerated bodies is their new release Sentenced by the Cross. Supreme Carnage is a very appropriate name, as they lay everything in their path to waste leaving nothing but bloodied cadavers, headless corpses, and pure carnage behind them. Through eleven songs of nothing but pure and skin bubbling death metal, Supreme Carnage leave you feeling as though you’ve been through hours of torture. Sentenced by the Cross is purely punishing and never stops to rest even after it set your town ablaze. These German death merchants play old school death metal, meaning that you get that pure and raw pulpy and fleshy production. The musicianship is grimy and gritty sounding like they’ve just been dug up from the catacombs. Being as brutish and bulldozing as they are, Supreme Carnage isn’t without their more melodic moments as well. Through Sentenced by the Cross, Supreme Carnage does a great job of creating a balance between the more melodic elements and the blasting destructive elements. Each song is filled with buzzing flesh ripping riffs which are supplemented by the occasional shredding solo. The drums writhe and blast leaving  crater sized hole in your head as the bass grinds your bones into paste. Just as you thought that the music couldn’t be anymore monstrous, the vocalist barrels forth with his throat shredding gravel filled growls. The entire album is a shotgun blast to the chest, and a headbanging good time.


a2082225717_16 Music isn’t always meant to be taken seriously one hundred percent of the time, and Wretch is one of those bands that writes terrifyingly brutal music but is tongue-in-cheek about it at the same time. Tirades is their newest effort, and with songs like Cunt Force Trauma, Glory Hole Confessional, and Kvnt Kvlt you can’t exactly expect them to be completely serious, and you can’t expect to take it seriously either. Even though some of the song titles are a little silly, they do catch your attention and really make you want to listen, and with song titles like that you have a feeling that the music that is tied to those names will either be mediocre at best, or they’ll completely tear your goddamn limbs off. Fortunately for Wretch they fall in the latter category. Taking notes from different genres such as grind, hardcore, and death metal, Wretch creates a sound that is similar to a nail bomb going off. Each song is wholly spastic, chaotic and completely vertebrate breaking. Wretch plays each song with an insane amount of intensity. Slow is not a word in their vocabulary, and thankfully it isn’t, otherwise we wouldn’t be listening to the downpour of metallic madness that is Tirades. Each of the fifteen songs is short, so you end up getting beaten with a lead pipe in short bursts. Each riff is slicing and bludgeoning, the drums are bombastic and blasting, the bass is thick and a force all of its own. The vocals sound like an escapee from an asylum as they are yelled over top the music. They’re gravely and throat ripping and they make the music that much more accosting. Tirades is an inferno of grinding psychotic madness, and that is exactly what one should be looking for in a grind band.


a0695981627_16 Hailing from Austria is Infected Chaos, and their debut album The Wake of Ares was released earlier this year. The twelve track album is for anyone who is an old school death metal fan, or for anyone that is into death metal in general. Infected Chaos mixes old school elements with a newer melodic death metal sound to create something for everyone. The Wake of Ares is a boot stomp to the throat type of album, meaning that each song is relentless in its attack. Starting their assault from the first note, Infected Chaos doesn’t let up on its death grip. Even as punishing and unrelenting as the album is, Infected Chaos has plenty of melody injected into it as well. They hook you with the brutality, but make you stay with the melody that they supply. The Wake of Ares is a headbanging good time, as well as a complete metallic onslaught on your well being. From beginning to end you become subjected to high powered riffs, tumultuous and punishing drumming, a thick and nasty bass, as well as a gritty snarl from the vocalist. The overall feel is that of true death metal played exactly how it should be played. Infected Chaos is gritty, grimy, filthy and their brand of old school death metal is steamrolling to say the least. With monstrous riffs, subterranean vocals, and an overall filth covered sound, The Wake of Ares is a great headbanging listen for any death metal fan.


That concludes this week’s Monday Morning Mayhem. Hopefully there is enough mayhem here to kick you into high gear on that wonderful Monday morning. Keep on headbanging!

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