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Pigskinner: Leech

November 16, 2015

a0218288404_16 If grind was the very first thing that you thought of when you read the name Pigskinner, then congrats to you because that is the exact music that Pigskinner plays. Hailing from Athens, Greece, Pigskinner is a one man grind band and Leech is his debut album. Leech is fourteen original songs and one cover song of Last Days of Humanity’s Born to Murder the World. Murdering the world sounds like something that Pigskinner wants to do, as each song is violent and completely abusive. In typical grind fashion the songs are short bursts of rage and fury.

Even though the general sound is that of a deranged lunatic on an arson spree, Pigskinner isn’t without its groovy elements. Throughout the album you get a sense of unapologetic grind that is laced with groove. If there wasn’t that little bit of groove sprinkled in like there is, the entire album may just sound entirely too chaotic.

However, even though there is groove injected into the eye of grind in Leech, the ethos of Pigskinner is still downright bludgeoning grind. Being a truly destructive and unsettling force is what Pigskinner stands for. If your skull doesn’t feel as though its been sanded down on a grind stone while listening, then Leech hasn’t done its job.

But in fact Leech does do its job. With the short fits of rage, Pigskinner rampages on through your city aiming to behead you any chance that it gets. While the music may not be the most original or ground breaking, Pigskinner does supply a kneecap bursting style of grind. Leech is very dirty and bowel bursting. As far as grind goes this one man band plays it to the tee.

Throughout Leech there are no fillers and there are no songs that waste time getting up to speed before they ram you in the gut with a lance. Each song is covered in filth and and grime. The only way to feel after listening to Leech is sordid. The album as a whole is grizzly and perverse supplemented by the occasional dark but mostly entertaining intros to some of the songs.

Song after song you get kicked down to the ground, and even if you think about getting back up you get curb stomped and slugged over the head with a hatchet. Once you are laying lifeless and bleeding you end up being fed to the wolves. Part of the onslaught begins with the incredibly down tuned guitars. The riffs buzz and slice your flesh much like a circular saw as the drums hammer away at your chest cracking you open. A sharp and gurgling bass chugs in the background providing a nice back bone for each song. Vocals that are equal parts pig equal parts human form a wall of putrid raw sound that vomit forth from your speakers.

Pigskinner is a grind band through and through as the sound of Leech caves your head in little by little with the passing of each song. As mentioned, Leech isn’t revolutionary or groundbreaking but it is a very solid release.

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