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Featured Interview: Escarnium

November 19, 2015

Earlier I had the pleasure of interviewing Nestor and Victor of the Brazilian death machine known as Escarnium. Check out the review below and enjoy!


Can you tell me a little bit about Escarnium’s history?

Escarnium began in the year of 2008 with the purpose to do death metal based with some old school influences. And our full length was also released on vinyl format via Wolfsbane rec. in Holland. We are based in the city of Salvador northeast of Brasil. 

How did the deal come about with Redefining Darkness to release Godless Shrine of Decay?

Thomas saw a live recording of a Festival and Escarnium was playing, after that he get interested in us and made the invitation for Escarnium to join the RD cast. He wanted to do a first presentation of the band in North America before release our upcoming full length. So Godless Shrine of decay is a compilation with almost everything we’ve record plus a new unreleased track Human Waste. It has been great working with Redefininf Darkness.

How exciting/important is it for you to be releasing this compilation as well as your upcoming full length in the U.S?

Well it’s fantastic.You know, for a underground Brazilian band to have its music spread in North America is kind of surreal. GSOD is the first Escarnium release in this area.

Being in Brazil, is it difficult you think to kind of break out of that underground scene?

Unfortunately yes. Everything is harder in Brasil. Everything is expensive , the Brazilian territory is huge. We have no good structure like Europe and in the U.S. for recordings, and concerts , and tours. But we keep trying.

You guys have been around for a while now-since 2008-is it difficult to keep coming up with different material for albums?

Like every artist, sometimes we have a mind block. And we also have our parallel lives, like regular jobs, college and wives. So the process can be kinda slow. That’s why we have “only” 1 full length until now.

Brazil is a very religious country, do you guys receive any push back because of the content of your songs?

Not really. Brazil is indeed a religious country but, people don’t really care about what we are doing, since we are underground. We have no space on TV shows, or big festivals like you have there. Only Rock in Rio, but only for big big big bands you know?

Speaking of venues, what are some of your favorite venues that you’ve played?

AJZ Bahdhamn in Wermerlskirchen in Germany. Bambi Galore in Hamburg, also Germany. Probably those were the best. We don’t remember the name of the club but we played in Berlin on the Berlin Death Fest in 2013. That was a really nice place too. Big stage, good equipment.

I just have a few more questions for you, a couple of standard ones. The first being: which of your band shirts is your most coveted?

For me ( Nestor, drummer) Aborted for sure and Meshuggah. For Victor (vocalist / guitar) Grave, Kaamos (would be great to have one).

The second question is: Which album(s) were your most coveted while growing up? Metal or otherwise.

For me, Annihilator – Never Neverland, Cannibal Corpse – The Bleeding, Meshuggah – Nothing , Angra – Temple of Shadows. For Victor, Sepultura – Schizophrenia, Morbid Angel – Altars of Madness, Entombed – Left Hand Path, Grave – Into the Grave.

The last question: If you were able to work with anyone alive, or deceased who would it be?

This is a hard one. Victor: Maybe work with Lemmy (Motorhead) would be the most fantastic thing … and for a dead guy, Quorton (Bathory) or Chuck ( Death). 

Nestor: I would say, Stephen hawking. Cause I’m sure that I would laugh a lot listening to “his” voice all day hahahaha. But a musician…man I really have no idea. Maybe Lemmy would be really great, but I don’t know if I would like to work with him.

Hahaha that’s the best response that I’ve had so far. Nestor, Victor thank you both very much for answering some questions and sitting down to do this interview, it’s been an honor.

You are welcome man. 

capa compilaçao

Godless Shrine of Decay comes out November 20th through Redefining Darkness!

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