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"Blasphemer, Heretic, Defiler of the Sacred Ones. Thou art Deprived of Your Limbs. Thy Nose Shall be Split. Thou art Cast Down and Overthrown."-Cast Down The Heretic by Nile

Grimmdrasil: Hybernium

November 19, 2015


After a decade of being locked in a vault, Grimmdrasil comes forth with Hybernium. Hybernium boasts seven songs of experimental dark metal that makes you believe you’ve taken a psychoactive drug and locked yourself away inside of your own mind. The compositions are as mystifying as they are melodic, and completely dark and twisted. Hybernium has an odd kind of appeal to it, an appeal that makes you listen because it is so out of the ordinary and out of the box. There really isn’t anything that you can compare Grimmdrasil to. The music itself is original, full of soul and full of purpose.

For the most part the album is grim and bleak, giving you no hope that you will make it out of the darkness unscathed. Grimmdrasil makes you feel very isolated and alone in the world. Hybernium is that black cloud that hangs over you every day that rains black acidic drops down on your face.

Hybernium is accosting in its own way, yet it also as a sort of jaded beauty about it. The abrasiveness comes from the dissonant riffs, the throat ripping vocals, as well as the dark industrial sound that Grimmdrasil gives off. However, the jaded beauty comes from the great use of the synths, as well as succumbing and hypnotic cleans like on the song Grim.

Grim uses both the ripping experimental metal riffs as well as the flesh eating vocals, but during the middle of the song the music completely changes into something that you have not yet heard on Hybernium. During the midsection of Grim, you get a sound that is very melodious complementary of the synths as well as the enchanting cleans of the vocalist. The melody doesn’t last too long however, as the song shifts back the more demonic vocal style as well as the fuzzed out riffs for the remainder of the song.

In bits and pieces throughout you end up hearing more groovy and melodic moments instead of chaotic and ear removing dirges of filth, grime and darkness. Hybernium is an album that takes a bit of getting use to. You need to take a few listens to really let it sink in. Nothing really is straight forward, as you can go from dizzying sounds of pure chaos to melodious almost melancholic moments in the blink of an eye.

Grimmdrasil does a great job of balancing the insane with the slightly less insane. Hybernium is a lot to take in as there are so many different factors that play in making music that sounds like this. Mixing the music up and not just playing one bleak and dreary harsh metallic song after another gives the listener variety and keeps the listener interested throughout.

Hybernium sounds like an album that was written from the perspective of a fevered and disturbed mind, and that is why it makes it so interesting to listen to. With Grimmdrasil you get indescribably distorted slashing riffs, sound drumming, as well as dark yet smooth synths. To bolster the evil that lurks within, the vocalist pours out shrieking devilish vocals only to switch to mesmerizing cleans when needed.

This seven track psychotic break is many things. It is interesting, isolating, groovy, as well as dark among many other things. It is an album like many other Merdumgiriz releases that go against the grain, and going against the grain is exactly what the label does well. If you are in dire need of something that is out of the box and just an overall good listen, then Grimmdrasil is your band.

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