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Third Storm:Taritiya Me

November 22, 2015

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Having formed in 1986 in Sweden, Third Storm are no strangers to the metal world. However, they did split in 1988 for quite some time. After splitting, Third Storm is back and possibly bigger than ever. Taritiya Me was released earlier this year in September through Dark Descent Records. This release offers a mind numbing twenty-five minutes between two songs of purely soul damming blackened doom. This entire two track release is spirit crushing to say the least as it pierces your cold dead heart right from the beginning and doesn’t stop until you are dragged into the most torturous pits ov hell.

If you think that twenty-five minutes between two songs is a lot, then you would be right. However, the longevity of the songs isn’t something that you end up focusing on throughout. In fact, the sheer length of the songs is something that doesn’t cross your mind at all.

Third Storm does a great job of keeping the listener entertained and engrossed in the music. Taritiya Me has you succumbing to the sheer weight of its brilliant darkness and mesmerizes you with the way that it twists and writhes.

The way that Third Storm keeps you hooked is by transitioning from bleak black metal to sinister doom and sprinkled on top off that are the atmospheric elements.

The atmosphere comes in different shapes throughout. Some of it comes from the slithering way that Third Storm plays, and the other parts come in the form of choral singing, bells tolling and hypnotic organs much like at the end of the closer which is also the title track.

This extra layer of atmosphere only adds to the fact that the music is already purely sinister. The overall sound of Taritiya Me is blasphemy covered in blackened hell fire as Third Storm does a great job in making you feel as though there is no hope left as darkness spreads and begins to take over your mind.

There is no shortage of darkened lurches, buzzing dirges of doom, and purely ominous music. Riffs jump from fuzz filled bone rattling doom to spine chilling, hair raising black metal onslaughts and back again with ease. The drums pummel their way through each song making their presence very well knows while the bass provides a nice thick jab to the throat. The vocalist shreds his larynx with gravely roars and ear drum destroying screeches.

With everything that Third Storm combines they create a sinful and destructive listen. After a bit of a break, Taritiya Me is certainly a statement by Third Storm saying that they are back in action and aren’t going anywhere for quite some time. Once you listen, your soul will no longer be pure, but it will be pitted with evil and shrouded in darkness.

Check out the opening song from Taritiya Me titled Oath-Nava Agir below!

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